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If luck is added to PVP flagging, it will need to be extremely high in order to make it “worthwhile”. PVP flagged, I might easily spend an hour fighting other players competing for chests and bosses, but if I were to be PVE flagged maybe only 15 minutes to run around grabbing chests and bosses.

When I did corruption portals PVP flagged for 10% exp, most commonly with a small group of say 5 people. We typically ran into much larger “zergs” of 30+ players of another faction all flagged doing the same thing as us. This was fine, as a high tier pvper we were able to grab dozens of kills by picking off players as they moved from portal to portal. However, it also meant we got zero portal rewards ourselves because there was no way in hell that our small group could seriously wipe a 30 man zerg by ourselves. So all of our 10% exp bonus was useless, and it only went to the 30 man zerg who could actually complete the PVE content (portals).

A side note on PVP, alot of weapons and pvp mechanics in general need some serious but basic quality of life. Many passives and abilities aren’t doing what they say they do in their tooltip. In addition, many mechanics are not good enough for example: musket’s 2x zoom does not reduce your mouse sensitivity by 0.5x so therefore you are left with a very hard time trying to aim at anything. Such a basic feature should be expected in any first person or third person shooter game, and therefore should be a feature for the musket too. And maybe bow’s should have zoom too tbh.

Now to elaborate on a quality of life change mentioned in dev blog, “We also understand combat tactics can be difficult since the visuals for all area of effect spells are the same, so it’s difficult to know whether a spell is from an ally or enemy.”

I had previously made a suggestion that enemy heals be colored Red, non-flagged player’s heals be colored Gray, and ally player’s heals be colored Green/Blue as they are already. I want to repeat that, because its unclear whether the dev was mentioning this specifically. I think non-healing combat abilities are much less important to be known whether they are allied or not, please work on the healing aspect much much sooner. And in addition, as I said two paragraphs above, healers also need some general quality of life updates because currently it is unplayable.

Wars need some serious changes to make them actually playable. First of all you can’t even see your entire warband/50 people who are your allies on your hud. You can only see the players in group, and it only shows their HP bar.

The game I used to play was Warhammer Return Of Reckoning, this game was all about large scale wars. It had addons that provided basic features like telling me if people in my warband were dead, what their hp is, what their distance from me is, etc. That will all go a long way, since currently wars are super disorganised and mostly just involve sitting on a capture point with as many people you can.

Also, you should be able to create a “Warband” for open world PVP. This could be up to any size. 24 is what warhammer had. And this means you can see where people are on your map (literally just allow us to make groups larger than 5 at the very least), instead of trying to organise players solely by faction chat (or discord channels). Its also really dumb when you have 6 people total so the 6th guy is basically just left out of the group, or you have to roll with 2 groups of 3.

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