Dev Diary April 2022


No mentions of Great Axe or Ice Gauntlet, but mentioned the bow as a community concern, what?!!


please someone summarize what was said in the video

Bow stuff!!! Rejoice fellow bow users, its coming!!!


Still no mention of anything about Great Axe or Ice Shower. Grav meta definitely not toxic at all.


oops all nerfs.

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nah he talked about fluidity, the root, damage, skills , etc and confirmed its not on par with other weapons.


its just a meme.

im hoping for the best.

Whoop whoop! Another nerf! :joy:


Don’t you rain your tears on my parade! :rofl:

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I mean to be fair the bow has been a big thing on the forums so happy they finally addressed that.

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Honestly the number one highlight was the name of the new PVP reward track currency is “PVP salt” that you harvest from the tears of you enemies. That is literally phenomenal haha. You get it from all PVP activities.

PVP arena is 3v3 best of 5. So first to 3 wins. Over time there is a ring of fire that closes in to prevent people from running the whole time.

Pretty excited. Kinda sad they really leaning into the whole QoL month thing when it doesn’t feel like that is the case. Mostly just bug fixes which is fine and honestly appreciate all of the hard work they putting in. Just call it what it is though haha. Got some small QoL things but mostly fixes. We get crazy months and smaller months and that’s fine.


Just come find me guys. I have a lot of salt to give because I suck at PVP… but I am getting better. This salt will only last so long!!

I don’t understand , they talk for a good 5-10 minutes about leveling experience and how fun it is , and somehow we locked at 2 character in our region ? Are they suggesting we delete characters?


Excited to hear about the pvp focused update! Also. Bow LOVE! Can hardly wait!

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perfect. they actually put a tiny amount of though to how people will interact and did the BR thing with the ring.

excellent. for the case of muskets it should be fine so long as the ring doesnt zoop closed too quick.

Did they mention when the next ptr will be released? Or any date?!

It is a welcome change from some of the previous videos where they are talking on and on about a bunch of fluff like watching a bot go to sleep forever. Yet, even though a lot of the excesses were cut out, they still managed to leave us with little to nibble on LUL.

Guess that comes with the territory seeing as to how barren the PTR patch notes are thus far and the only noteworthy QoL was a map zoom. :joy:

Can’t wait till I buy my GS 580 pvp gear with pvp salt BatChest


I hope they do better than that