Dev Mutation 4 Dynasty Run

Best line of the whole video: @Kay “WHY ME?!?”

It was fun to watch, glad to see them putting themselves out there getting slapped around. +1


Was just minding my own business, bopping them with some icey range - ranger danger I guess. :smiling_face_with_tear:


Well, when minding your own business is trying to kill them, I think I understand why you. :wink:

I look forward to more of these, and no, not necessarily more of you being splatted. :slight_smile:

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Nice sharing!

But, as I watched the beginning, you guys don’t seem to have a real tank, that can keep aggro and let the others without worry. :wink:

If you need one, lemme know. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Maybe by playing you guys can see how full of bugs the game is at the moment. See, time gating stuff does not really help.

I know this decision comes from a higher tier staff member, but come on, you guys must know this is lame.


Are the mobs in this mutation that you ran still strong against ice like normal corrupted?

We didn’t see your screen so can’t see the damage ticks.

Damn even Dev team using Bug abuse :smiley: going with negative point to get a silver so they can able to next level!!! SHAME


This is awesome. Thanks for posting this!

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Lol. I felt for their tank. Not an easy role and timing is everything.

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Yeah, they are - I slotted a diamond, so I was doing some good damage with ice. Fire was not the best, which is why I switched to musket.


I hope the developer who plays the tank has bugged me about things like creatures pushing the tank, tank stamina issue and powerlessness. It was already clear from the facial expression :smiley: Thanks for sharing it honestly anyway.

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But Kay, I need to give lessons to your Tank Tankyers colleague.

A tank doesn’t use a kite shield! You don’t see a Panzer tank dodging, do you? :smiley:

Dynasty, I sleep against Zhou if I have a good healer. I don’t see Mutation 4 to be much different. I might have to move a little. I can even tank the two Isabella cats at the same time, which is tougher to do than Zhou.

With Paranoia you’re going to be moving more than a little. I do see your point on shields…if someone wants to take my tower shields away they’ll have to pry them from my cold dead hands. :slight_smile:

We shall see. I’m a rare build atm on my world.

Plus, I keep having to teach players how to play with a tank. Now, when I start an expedition I write: “If you attack before me, you deal with it and I’ll sit and watch.”

I ain’t running back or attacking every mob when I can get the aggro quickly just walking past them.

After a death or two, they listen. Usually ranged DPS without a clue.

I just need a healer without the auto-select options enabled and that focus on me. If someone is dying, let them use pots. They shouldn’t have taken an aggro, period.

But let’s see how to best handle paranoia.

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I appreciate the effort put in all this videos posted by them.


What i saw in this video:

  • tons of pots/consumables used
  • lots of gold spend on repairs
  • frustration facecams ( showing not even creators are not enjoying their own game)
  • few hours spent in one dungeon :scream: (far away to much for an non HC player )

I repeat have my appreciations for effort but i still don’t see the fun that a game should provide.

Any normal (except Hardcore/Masochist) player is going to join a game to have fun and relax for a period of time, not to rage because of NPC and bad mechanics.


Look so unfun.

PvP servers when?

Do you like PvP?

I exhausted PvE in new world to the point I never want to do another expedition. Expertise to 600 once I thought and I would be good for a while…nah in two months they will raise again to 650…it will never end…PvP is all that interests me in the game… I do believe I will be pushed out with all the forced PvE to remain competitive gear wise.

You have your expertise to 600 in every slot?