Dev Myrk video uploaded - Keep you amused waiting on your server merge


To be fair, this is nerfed Myrkgard, but still awesome job for following up on the community request :slight_smile:


True, awesome they did it but doing it post patch is a bit cheaty I would say :smiley:


I respect them for doing this your commitment is shown and that that you do pay attention to community request! :smiley:


Devs play covenant confirmed lol.


Why would they do it old patch though. They already agreed it was overtuned before and toned it down. Doing it on current patch shows they understand what it takes to get through it in the current iteration.


But the old patch was the reason the joke even emerged. Just don’t take everything so seriously, I just made a joke.


How is a dev 508gs… has literally done no end game before…

The bit the healer got knocked off and didn’t use stuck…

Overall I think them getting together and playing like the rest of us is great

Even though we are sharing more of our teams in recent content, please do not direct your feedback or criticisms toward specific members of the team. Targeting employees is not acceptable and can get out of hand very quickly. Thank you for understanding.


Get an all office OPR vs players next

This is very likely a private/PTR environment. They specifically stated they were in PTR gear, so…


Some of the fastest stam regen I have seen.

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This is amazing. This “feels” like a traditional MMO raid! Like wow!

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This post is simply amazing.


Ah thanks I missed that, makes sense

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It was a good attempt. I seen zergs with 40 people not get that far.

Please boost the corrupted portals in the open world. Its way to easy now, i run huge corruption trains with people up to 50-100.

These are global events for everyone on my server, and people look forward to them every evening,

Many people loose allot of loot. And why are you not making it so after you tag a mob, and you are inside the event, it counts for loot?

Heres a video.

To stop zerging and this style of play…?


Good stuff. Odd team comp but hey whatever floats your boat.

What are you talking about?

Stop the zerging in myrk,pool, siren and so on.

Dont ruing the train hundreds of people attend for the aspect of the community.

Its aomething that bring the factions together against the corrupted

An open world event like corruption portals in Ebosncale, Reekwater. It has no effect on anything in this game. Let us zerg the shit out of the game. We grind hard for this slowpaced Gs/wm/exptris increase