Dev Q&A When? Early Access at best

I think the playerbase 100 percent deserves a live dev team q&a at this point. This game was nowhere near ready for release its becoming more and more clear with every patch. They fix one bug and 3 other pop up.

There were and still are an alarming amount of talents on the skill trees that either dont do nearly what they say they do or just plain and simple do not do anything.

There are perks on items that do nothing or do far too much

Legendary items seem randomly generated with stats and perks that make you ask who tf needs mana, more threat, 50 percent chance to die while walking

Feels like they had Timmy make a bunch of legendary sets and didnt tell him that luck isnt an end game pvp perk and im not sure why people are spending the time and money unless they are bored as all hell because you could just roll luck and a socket for a pearl on gear you craft and not spend an insane amount of time farming armor that has a pointless amount of defense because of the pvp scaling and broken af resilient perk

The housing tax wasnt wrong and didnt need fine tuning… It simply did not even work. For all we know it wasnt even in the game yet.

Housing score is like 99 percent territory rep and 1 percent $40 housing decoration packs rofl what?

The invincibility bug? Im sorry can we not just disable windowed mode option temporarily?

Copy pasted towns? Kek. The quite obviously copy pasted forts in SM rofl…

Outpost rush perma death? What??? Theres pvp all over and this doesnt happen. Theres a quest in cutlass that teleports you into an arena to fights mobs, do you perma death there too? Its been like 3 or 4 attempts and you still cant fix this.

The server transfer miscommunication

The inability to simply put god damn time zones with maintenance announcments ie - restarting EU tommorrow 5pm, us east friday 4am. Imagine just saying 4am est to avoid all confusion… Its so damn obvious a large majority of their team have zero experience.

Ticket system? Ive put in multiple tickets and have never gotten a single response. Ive had live chat tell me in the same chat, devs know about this issue and are working diligently towards fixing it and later tell me i should put a ticket in to let the devs know so they can work on it… ??? I also cant get them to even acknowledge my ticket exists.

I honestly feel like this was a dev team meeting,
Lead dev - send it
Dev with brain - shouldn’t we address the 400 bugs/not working mechanics we have on this list from the several testing phases we did?
Lead dev - Nah bro, send it, they will sit in queue long enough to not be able to refund, then by the time they realize we arent actually sure how to fix anything without busting the absolute hell out of the game they wont be able to charge back.

At this point… If i see another tweet about some halloween Hanukkah christmas new years skins events w.e bull… Im just done… Every single person including the janitors should be investing 500% of every second of their work day into fixing this game… New World is going to end up in a compilation of “Biggest video game flops” if they dont. People bought a fully released game when in reality it was alpha early access. I didnt see an asterisk *Half the stuff in the game doesnt work

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