Dev silence, what's next?

Seems like they have put the trade back on, but there Is 0 infos about what Will they do to limit the damages from dupe. I think that there Is a big lack of communication, probably they don’t know what to do and i can deal with this in a First Time but i think that we (intended the Fair player community) deserve to know the option on the table or at least some kind of info.

Obv Dupe Is the main issue but also hatcet and axe bug are making this game broken

I think that i’m not the only One that really like this game and hopes to play It in a Fair way and in a balanced context.

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I think we all should focus less on the devs and the community team / customer service and more focus on the upper and middle management at AGS making all the wrong calls.

Remember: Crap rolls downhill.

I agree, the general silence and the vague and canned responses we get in this forum are very frustrating.
So many players are level 60 already and the end-game content is mainly broken (T4 & T5 corruptions & corrupted weapons), put on hold (Outpost Rush) or simply non-existent so players that rushed to end-game are disappointed to realize that New World does not offer any challenge or activity to do. Open-World PvP and the power-play (faction mechanic) is poorly designed and does not really motivate people to participate.
And I am not even going to mention the many other parts of the game that need improving.

These forums are full of threads backing those accuses.

Nevertheless, I see that AGS published a great game as long as you are not level 60 and I feel like investing time into NW is still worth it. But the only thing justifying this opinion is trust in AGS in the hopes that they keep improving. I am level 28 now and I enjoy New World in small sessions and I try to pace myself. But seeing that I slowly but definately progress towards this unfulfilling end-game state I am really missing the carrot on the stick.

What AGS should do is publish and communicate a ROADMAP asap. I get it that things need time and I am willing to grant AGS the time they need to fix the many bugs for good and even polish their still young game. But the least they could do in the meantime is be transparent about their vision, their short-time goals or even the exact things they are working on and when we can expect the next patch or even new content.

The middle and upper management are not the ones that have allowed for this atrocious code to be pushed to production. The Devs are.

This is what AGS HQ is like at the moment.

If you think that is the dev’s decision you either still go to school or never worked in a real company :wink:

I work as a Dev, thank you very much, and middle and upper management gives me a deadline sure, and I’m the one that decides it is ready beforehand to be pushed to production.

The difference is, I actually test my shit first.

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