Dev Team willfully ignoring topics

most important thing right now is to fix the combat system, the desync is destroying any fun in the game, everything else is 2nd when the main combat system is broken.


Being addressed in each patch… and they’re not actually bad right now.

Also been addressed in the vid

They’re not going to respond to each new thread coming up on the same bug…

They’re already cracking down on this… to include literally nuking the economy to stop dupes to slow down RMT.

This thread should really be called “I’m ignoring the AGS team in order to make a dumb and pointless thread”


watch the video. february is the bug smashing month.

so u telling me we gotta deal with this for a whole month? where is the DEV Team!? Jesus christ

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here we are one week and no true info from the dev team on un-fucking the biggest problems this game is having

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Hi there SWolf!

I’m going to get right to it. I can PROMISE you that the Devs are absolutely NOT ignoring problems in the game. I appreciate you bringing attention to some concerns but I would like to more so open up either conversation about any of these problems or even potential ideas on how we can work through this together. No one on the team sits up at night thinking of ways they can break the game. Love has gone into the game. I’m not saying your anger, or frustration is unfounded but nothing is accomplished when arguments are started over a topic instead of calmly talking it out.


Ok so the dev team apologized for not listing to the community only a few weeks back…

Then they go and introduce one more time gate system that totally invalidates all the work people have done to get the gear they have today. They have made no attempts to fix the damage they have done to balance with the release of VG or fix what they have done to melee.

This is not ok and feeding us this damage control PR lines is not going to placate this community so easily.


you’re joking, right?

And to add to the topic, ACTIONS matter more than words, or videos.

Great that the studio took the time and effort to announce some future actions. But the known issue list is long. REALLY LONG.

Each patch introduces more and more bugs.

There is no doubt that there are people working on the game that care and put love and effort into it. Everyone that cares about their job does that.

But that does not invalidate the fact that the problems ARE present right now. As a result of past actions.

You present this as a win. They nuked a core system of the game for over a WEEK. That is most certainly NOT a win.

Is… is it drugs? Is that what you’re doing?

Weapon balance is terrible right now. The meta is literally “who can chain cc better?” Wars seem to be won by whoever brings the most hammers, vgs and spears and can time the cc in a chain.

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Why are you guys ignoring the many, many repeated requests to REMOVE expedition orbs from the game? What purpose does expedition orbs provide to the game other than unnecessary time gates and resource gates?


It is done as a deliberate design decision to buy their content team time, I would guess. It’s clear they do not have enough put out yet to satisfy the no-lifers who took the game and ran with it (and more than a few exploited / abused the system to their own ends, with zero repercussions, but that’s another topic altogether…).

It is entirely unnecessary to have the gated content like that, if they’d introduced more high level dungeon instances or zones to run and explore. If they randomized and multiplied resource nodes, fishing hotspots, rewarded exploration far more…

There are a few things that are done well. The animations themselves, the ones that aren’t bugged, show great weight and fluid motion. Mobs react viscerally when staggered. The world has lots of little moments of beauty. But this gets shunted aside by the frustrating level of bugs, poor design decisions, and lack of content. I think the passion is high from the players’ side – but it’s hard to not be cynical about things from the devs’ side.


The road to hell is paved with good intentions


Well if they prioritize that 2-3 % of the active playerbase over 97 " casuals " to entertain…thats jsut stupid . Who cares if Everfall / WW owner has 600 GS bis items and 6 gold caps and all trade skills max out and ran Lazarus 300 times , and didnt log out since release . Gota aim somewhere else if you dont want the game to hit next bottom of active players , cause if those 30 guys per server is ur target audience , we are all kinda fucked .


This is a skill issue. The CCs are so easily dodged/iFramed, especially since the WH has pretty much a full second of telegraph and can be interupted with a faster ability or a counter.

In OPR, I see everything, literally everything. (And have been killed by everything.)

I currently play Rapier/Ice Gauntlet, which after being “gutted” is still very competitive… anything I can’t outright solo because my abilities are on cooldown, I just run away from… and kill from a distance.
I eat GA/WH for breakfast one on one because especially when they’re using WH, any ability they do is strong… and takes a feature film length to go off.

If you’re trying to run in and leftclick with VG or an Axe and tank everything like it’s WoW even through you’re playing an Action Combat game… you’re going to get rekt- That’s not on the game, that’s on you.

The only weapons that actually need help right now are the Musket (reload animation is bugged I’m pretty sure) and maybe the fire staff… (which is still very popular in OPR and routinely wrecking.)

The weapons are pretty close, if you think a weapon is dominant for existing… that’s a gitgud problem.

I didn’t say it was a great thing, I said it was evident that they’re taking the RMT issue very seriously. Which is counter to what you said, so I understand your deflection from taking it seriously into how bad it was.

this 625 update made the 595 599 gear i made for myself useles if i wanna keep up in pvp. i spended over 300k to get a full purple set with ressiliance and the right weapon skil perk.
and now i need to get all my slots legendary to even able to upgrade anything at all
which wil cost me what 2 3 million at least? i cant nolife this game 24/7
and even if i do earning money is getting harder and harder these days
buying gold with real life money is getting more and more tempting these days

at least allow 595+ gear also to be upgraded with umbral shards

Well the dev team needs to fix the current problems and for the love of god start banning bots every server is infested with bots bots so that tells me they don’t want to ban them because it makes their numbers look better… when bots are level 60 and in OPR’s then there is a real problem. PVP needs to be balanced… instead of bringing more weapons into the game and more content into the game. Void gauntlet is disgustingly broken in it’s current state, opr’s are nothing but muskets, firestafffs, bows, and gauntlets of both type. Brutes need to be removed from OPR it’s pvp not pvm.

Oh really ? what about hatchet immortal bug was listed in september 2021 and we been fighting immortal peoples in war yesterday … its not pvp it should call buggy fest …

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Yeah, it’s all deflection :smiley:

Sorry, not going to waste time on this.

You’re awesome, your skill is really high, all the weapons are balanced, because

You spent 300k on a purple set? Lmao. A full BIS legendary set wouldn’t run you more then a 120k

I think that may depend on server… a Bis 600 item is 100k+ on my server…

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