DEV UPDATE: Not a single question about mage dps fire/ice buffs

Mage DPS: Firestaff and Ice gauntlet is currently the worst class in game in pvp, (wars and OPR) , the hardest to equip, the rarest in high pvE modes, the most expensive, the least one in armour diversity (you must run light to have escape and some dmg), the so called STAT PADD, off meta class, 0 utility. that’s people say about it.

It has been like this since the huge nerfs the class got early , then has been nerfed somehow everypatch.

NOT a single word about us mages in DEV UPDATE, just 1: nerf flamethrower, just because a no skilled guy cannot beat 3 good players , not even mages, with flamethrower. This is unbelievable. There are 100000…x forum threads about us on forum, social media, discord channels and we received 0 answer, 0 support, 0 reply by devs.

You find it hard even beating a brimstone archer.

in my personal opinion:
FIRESTAFF - ICE GAUNTLET MAGE DPS needs buff, needs rework, int weapons should be based on INT builds, not abused by other attribute weapons such as dex, str etc… ice gauntlet i currently used as a secondary weapon coz of its utility defensive tools, make it a primary weapon. there ARE TONS OF IDEAS ON FORUM, THOUSANDS!



Ive mentioned it in multiple other posts and people are prolly sick of seeing me repeat the same shit over and over but like the pita I am I will mention it here too just to make sure the mods clearly see what we are all on about and like someone had said in one of the other posts, on top of the rework to certain abilities, all they really need to do is decrease the elemental resistances of all enemies in PvE environments that way mages will be able to get an increase in flat damage without upsetting the apple cart in PvP environments.

I dont play PvP, never have, probably never will, so I cant really advocate in that scene, I leave that to the pros out there, so I dont know for sure if mages need any damage increase in PvP outside of just getting the abilities reworked from what I have been seeing people say, but the devs sorely need to go over the FS in general and have a good look at it.

Like you, I was hoping they would take another look at the FS in the next update, but based on the treatment we have been getting from the mods and even a dev I tagged recently I wont be holding my breath.


Yes but now when u play mage FS/IG then IG is your main dmg weapon ;p
FS dont have enough dmg to be main dmg weapon ;p

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AoC waiting room.


You mean ashes? Probably. New world hate mage with a passion


Do You know when it comes out? Still no date?

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I would guess around 2024

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Firestaff in particular desperately needs some utility. Every other weapon has damage coupled with some combination of debuff, cc, mobility. Firestaff has the worst mobility skill in the game with burnout (the wind up basically puts a sign on your head that says “easy target right here”) and a laughable attempt at cc (incinerate will knock people away which you don’t want for damage and you to waste a gear perk just to have a chance to complete the cast).

I’ve been wanting to put together a fs/greatsword build (I’ve done vg/gs, its fun) but without 300+ int you look at firestaff and go ok…I take burnout, incinerate…and what?

Fireball does about as much damage as a greatsword heavy backstab, refreshing pillar got a nerf (honestly smh), there’s no scenario in the game where meteor will be the highest dps you can do even with fs, and flamethrower is a meme that got popular because it’s currently the least bad of all this poor weapon’s options.

There is no other weapon in the game that sits so squarely in the dumpster. Rework firestaff.


This is the problem, you use meme builds that dont work so you dont know how to use the weapon or anything, fire staff is strong asf if you know what youre doing, which in your case isnt true. And did you seriously just compare fireball to a heavy attack crit from a greatsword? Bro :skull::skull::skull: It literally should do more damage as it does 150% weapon dmg vs fireball’s 140% + backstab = guaranteed crit.

And can you people stop saying refreshing pillar of fire got nerfed? It literally got BUFFED, hitting 3 people at once was highly unrealistic so you never got the triple cd reduction, now you get more cd reduction from hitting just 2 people. Which is quite easy to do

Meanwhile you can throw full rotations of any mage spell combinations and be HEAVILY out dps’d by any melee weapon just left clicking, no skills even need to be used.

The part that all the “mage are fine” people forget.


FS is pure dmg weapon but it is never used as main dmg weapon because it lack of dmg.
Stop pretending that FS is even usefull. It can be used only because burnout skill but this skill is also quite bad/ can be stopped very easy.
Every weapon on New World can do the same thing like FS but better.


Devs listened to a bunch of people that NEVER slotted Ruby gems . People didn’t…. We HAVE TO slot thrust and slash…. No choice to do it or get nuked.

EVEN STILL we slot 25 to 30% thrust resist and still get hit for 4K + but Bows and Muskets. While have 5 resil, 3 shirking Fortifications, and rolling through shots.

We slot 25% + slash resist and still get chunked for 3.5k to 5k by Greatsword.

Massive , massive , imbalance and the new Brimstone named drops are proof. Look at the quality of INT based weapons , armor, and jewelry compared to Dex and Stength,


You are going to be there a long time and then be disappointed when you find out it has issues when it comes out too.

That’s what I always say, fire damage is so low that no one needs to use Ruby Gems.


Yeap,its a weapon that provides noting but damage but even while people dont build resists againts it at all because they have to build vs either ranged dex users or vs meele bruisers to not get nuked by either of them FS still does lower damage than both,absolutely trash balance.


You have Skull&Bones and Throne&Liberty in 2023, tho AGS will get it’s filthy hands on T&L likely

You got me in the brimstone archer thing, so true man!!


you make it sound like you’re disagreeing with me but you’re not lol

you don’t know me or what I play so take several large steps back, I main ig/vg in war, have played fs/ig and fs/bb a hell of a lot, have probably more time on firestaff than any other weapon

not on mobs in expeditions

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Good mage is a dead mage. And with this patch the made mage gooooood :wink:
Next patch they will fix issue with musket and bow - you look at them as mele, then LBM and they die. And you have best balance ever :slight_smile:

I’ve played IG for a few hours and it was the worst experience I’ve ever had in an mmorpg