Dev Video: Admitting weakness would be a strength …

First of all, I appreciate AGS continued attempt to communicate. And I am sure everyone was thrilled when, at the beginning of the video, it was announced that stats would be shared. Sure, the big elephant in the room is how AGS perceives the player drop and how this will affect the future of NW respectively why they think they can still turn the tide.

I am also sure everyone was quite amazed when it became clear what AGS perceives as “interesting stats”: Rather meaningless numbers of kills, expeditions or whatever. Therefore, it might have been less smart to bring up the “stats topic” in the first place. Because it again shows some sort of disconnect how players are thinking about NW related important stats ….

My explanation to this is a sort of bubble AGS is living in and which is required to cope with all the negativity and sarcasm they are facing in the various forums (for which in most cases are good reasons they are certainly aware of). But this type of self-defense mechanisms combined with a classical attitude that admitting a weakness might be perceived as weakness in general, I feel does not really give confidence in their leadership or trouble shooting skills.

From a European point of view I would prefer an honest, self-critical and systematic approach to the situation of player drop with reasonable conclusions. And why AGS feels they can bring back players on the long run (beyond the incremental addition of content which might bring back incremental numbers of players – but this is not enough on the long run). I feel this is required though for the remaining player base to continue playing the game.

Because only with this remaining player base AGS will be able to continue to develop the game with testing, balancing and bug fixes. A consequence of the low player numbers can be seen already with the low PTR participation. But without extensive testing the quality of patches will not really improve and patch cycles become longer and longer.

Therefore, I hope we will see a more honest and open analysis of the game to regain trust in AGS analytical and conceptual skills. And with this, players will stick around to see when they announce the console port in November - which will really bring in new players.


I can’t blame them for not wanting to address the obvious issue of the game’s player population trends since launch, but yeah, they really should just rip the band-aid off, speak candidly about it and let the healing begin.

Games that speak to reality tend to do better, and this dev team seems absolutely committed to a Costa Concordia story.

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