Dev video on muskets

In the dev video, they talked about giving the muskets a ranged drop off nerf, but it needs more than a that. musketsbalanced - YouTube

Such a balanced weapon. Doesn’t matter how far away they, it slaps absolutely insane. Only thing that hits harder that that is greatsword and Blunder buss but at least those are telegraphed and dodgeable unlike the muskets hitscan nature. The weapon scaling with dex and int and allowing it to benifit from 150 int trait is what makes the weapon so strong. That’s what needs to get fixed. Either move 150 int passive to 300 or change how musket scales.

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Personally I find it annoying that Life Staff / Fire Staff / Ice Gauntlet / Void Gauntlet have such pathetic range in comparison to musket. Not sure if they should nerf musket or buff LS/FS/IG/VG range but they should do something about it. Playing FS is not fun with such limited range.

Yeah dude, keep playing without any physical or elem aversion or resilient and keep crying about how the musket is broken and are the most powerfull weapon in the game. I have never seen a single musket hiting me more than 5k without dot. So basicly a good bow player who have a decent gear, will hit stronger than them. And i can legit 2 shot a musket player no matter the distance if i know is position and have around 5 to 10 kill streak bonus from mortal empowered.

They need to nerf mortal, more than anything. And your thread really feel like you come to opr without being stuff at all or avoiding the musket player or not rushing them with 2 or 3 ppl…
Its simple you have to close the distance, if you dont understand the basic of playing games against hitscan, you should definitely get better before saying some heavy bs like that.

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Disagree, it’s good to have limited range. We don’t need to have multiple ramged weapons that can shoot across the entire map. Every mmo with ramged classes have a limit on the range and typically most classes have some way to deal with it.

Full resil, with ele mental aversion and full thrusts. Keep talking please. You simply play with garbage musket players. Lucky you. Lucky you. On video proof and you still defend it. Bye have a nice day/

What video proof you just stay in front of him doing nothing what is wrong with u, your going to tell me that the dude is hiting 7k shot if u dont play full thrust dmg elem aversion and resilient? Let me tell you that your lying dude, your answer in the video comments is different from what your saying right now…

your taking a 4k headshot, with playing only 10% of each in resistance You are not full elem aversion or even 50/50 elem and physical aversion on your armor and dont even play with the perk that reduce the thrust dmg on ring or amulet… Seriously you need a brain check asap.

If you play 2 elem aversion + 3 physical aversion on your amor + shirking fortification that give u 20% dmg less, + thurst dmg resistance on ring or amulet i dont remember + resilient, he will never hit u more than 3k. Get a brain dude. Seriously.

There are 19 other weapons in the game. You shouldn’t have to specifically build your entire kit specifically one for weapon just to be able to play pvp in a reasonable manner. No sense in discussing this with someone who is unable to have a reasonable discussion with how insanely busted musket is. Hitscan weapon with unlimited range as far as your pc render distance. Hitting 2-5k per shot. ME is an issue but muskets have been a problem for a long time. ME Made it worse. Musket is the only long range weapon that scales off 2 attributes allowing for over 1800 base weapon damage and free 15 percent bonus damage with the int gem conger giving them 5 different ones to pick. There is so much more to say but it’s pointless with someone like you. We are playing new world, and mmo, not call of duty. Muskets have no counter play other than dodging randomly and hope they miss or hiding behind a rock. Muskets barely kill me, but they still ruin the game. Good day sir. Also that’s not my video. Just a clip of the insane dps it does.

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So as you are insanely crying about how musket is broken, but you dont want to play shirking fortification, or any 2elem + 3 physical aversion + resilient + thrust, when they look to seems so annoying to you. You only play 10% each which make u absolutly useless against any other weapons.
IF u have only 10% resis in physical and 11k hp in a light load. Dude im going to 2 shot you on bow with only a 5 kill streak from mortal, heavy + penetrating shot. But sure keep playing what you want thinking everything is broken.

You legit dont want to protect yourself, from mages, from rapier, from bow, musket, and the other weapon in the game, cuz basicly, having onyx is enough to resist greatsword, hatchet, ga, hammer and whatever. You just only want to rolled ppl by spamming them. But if you dont have shirking fortification on a melee set dude, you’re useless, not even talking about having elem aversion or physical aversion… U will be useless.
Im done with you, you dont know anything about this game;

There is truth to some of that.

Pretty much the only option for anyone in OPR right now is full thrust + physical aversion with thrust resistance in any kind of way you can get it honestly.

Every OPR is like a massive COD firefight right now, especially with the light changes people are playing further at range than before. Poor guy posted a video earlier there weren’t any melee running around in that OPR just about lol.
Looked like a rave party with all the lines going across overhead all the ranged shooting at each other.

No thanks.

I am in full bis. I get consistently 25-50 kills in opr farming bows and muskets. I know how to spec my build and play against them. I rarely die to muskets. Doesn’t mean they aren’t broke. Thanks. Keep going. Game isn’t fun with 15 bows and muskets shooting you all game. Keep going. Everything you have said is compl false about me. Nothing you have said is true. Keep talking out of your butt.

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Everything you said in every message is different. Your definitly lying. And ofc you dont think about how its frustrating to play against 15 melee when you have 15 ranged in your team.
Because obviously you dont play enough opr. 100% winrate for melee in this case. your just mad because you dont win everything game ez.

The bow hits 30% harder than the musket with the same stat point allocation. A 300 dex/200 con bow hits slightly harder than a 300 dex/150 intel.

The BB is also hitscan, by the way.

The musket hits undergeared players really hard. The musket hits really hard with 15 stacks of mortal empowerment. Without mortal empowerment, It’s relatively weak against well geared targets. Also, due the low DPS, healing negates much of the musket’s damage. With 0 stacks, you cannot kill a healer standing healing themselves.

Mortal empowerment is probably overpowered in casual OPR. It might be okay in wars where it adds a new dynamic (worrying about the enemy teams stack level).

If they change anything, they should change mortal empowerment first and go from there. In June, prior to mortal empowerment, people were advocating for musket buffs, not nerfs, on the forums.

I have grown to hate mortal empower.

I want to push in and risk my life, but I lose such a significant portion of damage that it is much better to sit back and play passive.

It also doesn’t feel sporting to just farm the most undergeared/bad players to get high stacks

Overall it was not a good addition imo

you guys are complaining about a weapons that is hard to land 2 shot like this, just move around, hide behind things, if you are free target so you deserve to die.

i have respect for bow / mage players who can hit long distance attacks, i have no respect for musket users who can hit long distance attacks

the movement in this game is so lethargic musket is absolutely out of place in this game

Two sides to every story:

Melee POV - Player wants to run out in the open and fight, but REFUSES to press SHIFT button to dodge (delusional enough to think that you can’t “IFRAME” a hitscan weapon) even though iframes literally make you INVINCIBLE to every form of attack.

Ranged POV - Light armor got nerfed, rapier got nerfed. Getting hit by melee literally snares you for 1.5s and unless you run hatchet you’re dead meat to any braindead melee that loves to unga bunga left click spam (ranged now resorts to sit back and focus on playing passively and dealing damage from afar because AGS forced them to play this way)

Twitch Lawl, other team saying me and someone else are going to carry the team. Which we did, both had over 30 kills.

Twitch 2v5-10 down by the beach. Ez pz.

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