Dev Video Update #2: Lets Discuss

Whatever… I wish you a good day @Auzali in your efforts to find fault in posts of people actually supporting you and agreeing with you.

FFXIV 1.0 was a monstrosity of a bad game, I played it, it was … special.

FFXIV 2.0 ARR was a much better game, but it still had all the same issues we see in NW today. There were duplication bugs, exploits, bad time gates, horrible boss encounters, low content and lack of polish. The developers, lead by Yoshi P is what continued to save the game and a lot of that stemmed from YP love of MMOs in general.

To give credit to FFXIV, it took until Endwalker (now) for them to shake the stigma that FFXIV was a bad game.

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keep crying about others moaning and complaining on a general discussion game forum.

you guys took what i said about ffxiv and turned it into something completely different to try and support your claims about this dev team being transparent when they are not. Where is the roadmap?

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I agree Arx. It was a difficult time for the game and yet, with a little work and positive attitude, they not only fixed it, but have passed expectations.

I can only hope and pray that New World, will survive the initial onslaught of negativity to reach such heights in the future. I really do like this game.

Bro this game shook off the bad stigma since Heavensward…

2.0 ARR was no where near as lacking or buggy as current NW

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Here’s the post they made. Go down to the Luck section: [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2

They are going through mass hiring and quick moving changes at the moment. They let you know what is planned for the next month during the prior month. That is your roadmap.

It would be a bad idea to lay out a year’s worth of plans when things could change/evolve in that time. They need to get a solid team up to speed before they can make those kinds of predictions.

I agree it would have been nice to have done this before release, but the additional hiring was likely predicated on the sales of New World. That is just an unfortunate aspect of business.

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I wasn’t completely comparing the two, only saying that neither game was perfect out the gate. :slight_smile:

FFXIV growth in good stigma was ever ongoing, but it’s recent surge in popularity shows that those who still did not believe in the game finally gave it a chance.

NW in a year, 2 years, 5 years, etc can have that same positive comeback, bugs can and will be fixed. Keep in mind NW is 14 (15?) weeks old. There is still a lot of growth to be had

it would help them gigantically to release a quarterly roadmap

this @Shadow_Fox is true even once you hit 590. Why are the loot from the gypsum cast 90% greens 9% blues? Not even seen a purple yet (but I hear they exist) and I’ve done all jewlery from 500-590 via the gypsum system. Same goes with the OPR caches and Portal caches. It’s sad.


Just trying to be accurate here. FFXIV was already largely popular only second to WoW. The driving factor in their recent success is largely due to WoW streamers jumping ship to xiv.

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I agree it would be nice to have, and I feel like they are working towards that and will have something before too long. Right now the focus honestly needs to be on fixing and updating the core systems of the game.

They seem to be tackling the fixing aspect next month and hopefully soon after that they will tackle the updating side. Sometimes however those things go hand in hand. You update a system while also fixing bugs.

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OMG so good! Thank you thank you! We love you and your team members.
Great feedback! I sincerely appreciate you all going through the effort to make this video possible. Love the information which was provided.

I have a query into one aspect of what was said specifically on the Bot part. If I could get an IM I’m in the cloud compute space and industry. Specifically Scott G. or someone on that team.

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Yeah the Preach, Asmongold’s and Bellur’s trying the game out helped bring it into the spotlight for more people. All of them actually liking it is what really helped shake the community stigma. Nobody expected them to drop WoW for FFXIV even for a day.

I’ve played since ARR, always had a character, but I can’t no life it the same way I did other MMOs. For me it’s more about the story than it is the end game and once i max out, I stop trying to stay top tier geared.

I really do hope they are successful. Personally i don’t wish to continue playing until the underlying system is working better.

It’s not ONLY the bugs that many of us want action on. There’s a great deal of inaction on players and companies that abuse said bugs in pvp. Yes, part of the problem is that some bugs make it hard to say if X was done intentionally or not, but even in clear-cut cases what’s the worst case scenario? A 24 hour ban? Scary.

There are so many problems with the code and so many bugs that aren’t even public knowledge, pvp has felt like a constant need to keep up with the latest bugs and how players might abuse them to get ahead - and I don’t even play on some of the worst servers from what it sounds like. Yes, the movement speed bug screwing up the 20th war for me might make me quit, but watching players abuse bugs and there being no consequences is going to make me quit even faster. Even if amazon wanted to step it up and enforce the rules better, they don’t have the staff in place to do so right now anyway. Any optimism I had has pretty much been flushed at this point.

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And this is a respectable opinion and approach to have. NW for a lot of people hopefully is that game you come back after awhile to see if it’s gone in a way you accept, and possibly jump back in.

It’s honestly the healthiest way for any of us to play the game, burning out on it now instead of just taking breaks and playing something else is how we stay cinical of change even when change is good.

For me it just feels good different.

but seriously, i like the endgame challenges and gearing progression for what it is. It’s not my favorite MMO. But my point was that the claims that were being made here about NW dev team being more in tune with their players than any other mmo just made me laugh so i had to bring up XIV because its probably the best example of an MMO dev team working closely with their player base.

Yeah but come on

It’s Yoshi P.

Nothing beats Yoshi P :slight_smile:

Now lets take say, WoW vs NW Dev’s and who is at least trying to interact better.

Honestly they need something akin to a 3 strike system. You get clapped for an exploit, you get like a 72h ban and a strike. Happens again, two week ban and a strike.

After that the player will be on their best behavior as a 3rd strike is permaban. Maybe they have something akin to this already idk, but it could help keep some of the degens more in line.