Dev videos not helpful


these videos are not helpful for all of the community.

they’re long. the subtitles are auto generated… they’re LONGGGGG…

I’m not interested in listening to people yap their jaw.

please include a written summary with these for those of us would would like to quickly see what the content is. I prefer the written dev statements. I’m sure I "m not the only one. and for the record I"m partially deaf.


Thanks for the feedback! We’re always looking for ways to improve our communications so I’ll make note of this!


Agree. I prefer a written update in the existing Dev categories, and that can be easily referenced.

Besides, it’s irritating when they don’t “deep dive” into anything. That’s just promotional speech.
And when they don’t address serious issues like RMT controlling Settlements and broken servers where Wars just aren’t changing the map anymore and RMT has a deathgrip on it… It feels really insulting.
When people are still being banned by exploiters of the mass-reporting system… It feels really insulting and a waste of time.

When new exploits and cheats are reported on a weekly basis but the devs and CMs don’t say anything at all; when players argue that a cheat or exploit isn’t one because the devs don’t confirm or deny that it is cheating/exploitation – there’s no point to play a game where the devs tacitly allow and encourage cheating and exploiting.
Then they come in with a feel-good positivity video and don’t address it either.
I’d like to say it’s disgusting but the CM would probably say that’s bashing, so let’s call it gross negligence in game and community management.

@Luxendra If they want to do a video, tackle some genuinely tough and sensitive issues. Not just people begging for an update.


it is helpful, but it would be interesting in timestamping the important parts, i dont wanna stay there watching 3 mins on why the winter event was extended, i wanna know about arenas and bug fixes, would be cool to have timestamps


I would prefer a written development update and then a shorter single topic video talking about whatever the high profile issue is that month.

This would allow for significantly shorter videos to minimize the lead time between video content creation and publishing.

I usually like them but the one that released today almost cements what we already knew…

PVP players can just come back in March/April.

Meh, hope they are ready to see the population when they focus only PVE… will not be pretty.

On top of that, it looks like no patch this week and no PvP balance changes til March.

RIP New World.

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I have no problems with them being long but with the fact that 95% of the videos content is stuff that players already know when following forums/patch notes. Give us new and exciting info!
The only interesting things to me were the new info about merges/transfers and that theyre working on arenas.

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they need to reset the content to work better with a mostly pve crowd but that’s the reality going forward. it’s already true now I think.

(and me, I’m good with that)

tbh, it’s not restricted to PVP players. The QoL problems affect everyone and mutations aren’t exactly great PVE content. The only purpose is to enable 600-625 GS upgrades which isn’t worth the hassle.

and by all accounts the new gs isn’t really useful anyway.

Agreed - getting 10 items to GS 625 will just mean a t4 food to get 300/200

I personally prefer the long form videos. It’s important to know the reasons behind changes and understand the thought process.

Someone will always post a TLDW for those of you who want that.

the game is doomed unfortunately it feels like its the 1st ever mmo. So many mistakes so many bugs we have problems exist since launch and still are not fixed remember that after lost ark is released the game will die. I really really hope im wrong i really im but i cant see any positive sign

Have you ever played an MMO at launch? This is fairly common.

Bugs are not a situation where you “learn from the failure of other MMO’s” as many seem to think. Bugs come from hundreds of thousands of players and a handful of degenerates hitting your code in ways you just can’t flesh out in any kind of manual testing.

Some things of course were overlooked and they acknowledged their shortcomings. They are clearly making strides in the correct directions now. Some of the more classic MMO players enjoy the grindy nature of NW. If it isn’t your cup of tea though that is fine as well.

Compared to other MMOs I have played at launch NW has a lot more to keep me engaged personally. Everyone is different of course. Some want all linear gameplay with predictable bosses that use attacks in a predictable order that they can just spam over and over. Some like a more open ended create your own adventure type of gameplay loop.

It doesn’t mean one is right or wrong.

someone does not always post a summary. it didn’t happen last time and I haven’t seen one this time. I don’t care if they do videos or not. some of us don’t want to spend half an hour or an hour or an hour and a half watching people twiddle their thumbs when they could read the same information in 5 minutes. time is valuable. I don’t appreciate it being wasted. I also don’t appreciate non accessibility which this is.

Literally a summary posted already with bullet points.



We’re having a good discussion over there and invite everyone to join, asking only that you keep the conversations civil and not resort to insults. Everyone’s goal is to try and better our game experience, we wouldn’t be on these forums if we didn’t care enough about the game to want it to be better.

lol yeah I had to edit it so it hopped to the top by default… Should be good to go now.

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it actually isn’t. it’s someone’s response to what they perceive as having been said and it’s not actually saying what the video said. it’s answering what they think is wrong with it. it isn’t a valid summary of what was said. I want to see this from the devs. as a written dev blog. Not as an angry villager going but I want this instead of that.

Your right, it’s not specific word for word points, it’s just giving my feedback as each point was discussed in the video.

I also would like to see a transcript of the Dev video’s and overall more transcripts breaking down next steps and plans in the future as a whole.

To say the video is a waste of time however is not true. I mean if you are playing new world, you have 45 minutes of spare time somewhere between all your time gated CDs :stuck_out_tongue:

Also nothing I said at all was in anger and to be fair you can tell the video was a few weeks old. All in all the dev blog isn’t out solving world hunger or anything, but it was a worthwhile watch