Dev vision for the mage class?

With the ice spike nerf and dev talk, it seemed like you wanted to move mage back from a DPS class to a CC class, however on the PTR you nerfed Ice spike without buffing any CC on the ice gauntlet.
Then now with the recent changes to the PTR, you nerf the CC on void gauntlet very heavily while also nerfing the AOE damage?
I’m not really seeing what you want mage players to do here, we can’t do strong damage to single targets anymore, we can’t play in melee range without scream or spike, and the only useful ranged CC mages have is Ice storm, and on top of this you are nerfing the ranged ability aoe damage, so please, what is your vision for mage combat?

It doesn’t really make sense to put scream CD higher than shockwave

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Good grief.

Seems like they want wars to be a bruiser fest
Like before, they want a melee game

yea because wars were all mages who we had voidgaunlet spamming scream, IG spamming ice storm .

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