Developed Idea for Map Expansion

I had a developed Idea about how to make map expansion interactive with players.

As Devs have lot of work, I’ll summarize it in short points.

  • Map expansion requires cooperative work of all players around the world.
  • There is a company in Aeternum exploring the lands beyond the current map.
  • Players must contribute to this company by doing some tasks and delivering lost pieces of map or whatever else to this company.
  • Once reaching the global goal, a new territory is unlocked and might be explored.

To make it encouraging for players, would be great:

  • A track of the contribution of your character and marks of completion: rewarding some special items/gold/gypsum after reaching every mark.
  • An estimated time of completion around 2 weeks. 1 month = 2 new territories if all completed.
  • Whatever else Devs can imagine. :slight_smile:

Hope you like this way to expand the map instead of just releasing, devs. Thanks for reading to all.

See u in Aeternum :smiley:

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