Developer Kay knew about this glitch in July. Their response?

Both can be true. The game is a debacle and the devs should be embarrassed AND the cheaters are scum. It’s not hard.

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What some of you complaining about people complaining need to understand:

  1. When your app/game/whatever has a bug (or in this case alot more than one), and no one complains…that’s usually an indicator that your game is dead or that your playerbase is simply not engaged. Ergo: it’s dead.

  2. The folks complaining are obviously very passionate about the game, and posting here on their forums absolutely let’s the Devs know what ‘some’ players opinions are.

What we really need to worry about is all of the bad press this game is getting. It’s brutal. The issue there is when someone up the chain who knows nothing about game starts a large turd rolling down hill on these Devs, some folks will think that’s a good thing, but it probably won’t be. This might already be occuring.

Their biggest problem right now is that they are releasing fixes that are creating even larger problems.

Say what you want about the game being new, etc., but that’s on the Devs…period.


You know, we’re all here complaining, arguing with each other. I’m just thinking

“Man, I remember the days where forums rarely had auto-update features. And those that tried to make their own forum system looked ages to find something that showed new posts when someone replies without refreshing the page”.

Some of the replies here are simply appalling. @Kay came here to answer your questions and instead you’re almost attacking him/her personally. Everyone at AGS is a human, just like you all who go to work to do a job. Games are massively complicated to program and bugs are inevitable and no-one is introducing them intentionally to make all the snowflakes annoyed. Also, it’s not one guy that made a mistake somewhere and is now refusing to fix it. It’s a whole bunch of systems having to interact with one another and teams of people having to work together trying to fix them.

Have some respect and patience for once and stop posting your stupid armchair expert comments stating your imagined things as facts. People are still posting those “client-side authoritative” videos as if those are some experts on the subject matter, when in fact they wouldn’t be able to tell a script from a program apart.


Doesn’t feel like the personal attack on a post from a dev from several months ago was really necessary. As though you presume they enjoy the suffering and pain and garbage comments slung at them. Yeah most people sure enjoy that.

A company is run by a lot of individuals, to single out one is really shameful. Why not blame the recruiter who hired them next? Sad, hope the OP feels bad.

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Setting up a PTR takes a lot of work and the live issues are taking priority right now. My understanding is that we fully intend to get you to break our future builds (not all of them, most likely, but the chonky ones I think are the focus) before we set them live.

Community will post updates on testing opportunities as they become available.


bring the servers down @Kay kay relaunch the game :slight_smile:

The only debacle I see are the posts created by this tiny minority of haters trying to pass as the majority of customers. With bugs and all the servers are packed, I just faced a queue to log back. Just give up, you are not going to " cancel " the game.


This is good to hear because current QA is not cutting it. I wish you guys the best in turning things around, game is a lot of fun and i for one would like to keep playing it.

I cannot give you a like for this as i hit my daily limit. But this right here is important.

Make an announcement and make it go on twitter and reddit. People will see this as a massive step foward. Don’t lose it to this one thread and make it known.

We loved PTR breaking in WOW.

Fyi we are insanely good at it lol…


You gotta get that forum experience.

Edit: Oh wait, you’re already a Member.

sir please understand. development team is work very hard sir. they fix very many bugs and do great codes sir

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We are the feedback… be grateful while we care… When we stop complaining it’s probably because we’ve already found another better option…

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Sure, let me know where to apply, I would love to help fix these issues.

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I think we’re all living that dream now. But we paid Amazon to do it. Not exactly what was in mind I don’t think

No links or people from the outside have proven anything other then the bugs are there.

No, he is correct on 3 of the dupes, they are client side actions. The town credit is server side and the HTML code in chat, again, client side

@Umbramagus do you really think you have the expertise to decide such things?

yes, because having people type in code in general chat to crash your game before wars is totally not proven anything.


Go away kid

People like you would be the reason I wouldn’t even visit these forums if I was a developer.