Developer Kay knew about this glitch in July. Their response?

Item/gold rollbacks I’d support, no need to rollback story or experience progression… Ideally if they can find a way to reverse all duped transactions that would be ideal. E.g if you sold a stacked deck for 10k and that 10k was duped gold you get your gold deleted and your deck back.

I made a voidbent helm from a void ore I found and mats I farmed and I’d be willing to lose that if it meant saving and restoring the economy.

Honestly this post should be put somewhere on it’s own. People probably don’t see the honest responses unless they happen to go in this thread.

@Kay From what I understand, this glitch is not the same as the one found in Closed Beta. It was fixed, and already patched out in Open Beta. From what I have read, I believe this glitch has only recently recurred with patch 1.04 (not confirmed, but seems likely) so the damage has only really been done over the last few days.

That said, on some servers the damage to the economy (both in duplicated gold, and items and the subsequent sale of those items, and transferal of funds to unsuspecting players is still astronomical, and I can only see one way that could fix it. Saying that: Are we likely to see a rollback of servers to before patch 1.04?

Even if the glitch was in the game prior to patch 1.04, at least the awareness of the glitch only spread from that point onwards. I don’t know how difficult it may be to catch abusers prior to the patch, but assuming you have logs of some kind, this should be possible (and likely much easier with fewer (if anyone) abusing it.

Furthermore, the problem is compounded as some unscrupulous companies ++cough, purple filth, cough++ have abused the lockdown on trading to instigate territorial conflict, and declare war; while other companies can not do so due to lack of funding in their respective Company Treasuries.

Please note that the system still refused to accept declaration of war (the “trade disabled” message), even if a company had enough funds for a smaller warcamp (T1), while accepting declarations from companies with a hefty bankroll that could afford the largest waramp (T3).

Hey, I notice your pretty agressive with people that don’t agree with you. Why do you feel like your opinion is the right opinion and that gives you the ability to not be open to others opinion?

New World is a game of supplies that aren’t infinite. Once those supplies are gone the economy effectively resets itself. Your idea punishes the large majority of the player base when most servers aren’t being affected in an extreme way.

If you ban all players that took advantage you avoid punishing players who played legit. Think about it… you get rid of the problem you also get rid of the supply. Sure, some economic damage might be there but the vast majority of the economy will recover.

Hope you and your team get some good downtime and some beers/wine/seltzers/whatever else once most of these bugs are taken care of!

These are perm bans
Can confirm perma bans have been sent out, its been an honor boys! : newworldgame (

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Me? A wagie? Haha

It was never an option to say it was the same bug - I’m not going to knowingly provide false information.

Respectfully, I disagree. As some posters above have (correctly) pointed out, the bug has the exact same means of reproduction and the exact same consequences. Any argument that this isn’t the same bug is, at the very least from our standpoint, merely philosophical.

And I find the arguments that these sorts of bugs (or the recurrence of the same bug, depending on your philosophy, I suppose) are inevitable & intrinsic to NW’s architecture to be both alarming and compelling.

They are not.

If companies that used dupe get banned, no one is upset. Having a test server would help but that would require patch to be delayed for at least 2 weeks.

Why would you even allow any kind of compute or waiting for an ack from the client?
Every multiplayer game MUST have everything processed on the server side, clients are just a graphical interface.
If it’s not that’s just a poor design leading to what we currently have.

On the bright side movement control has moved from client to server somewhere in between 1.0.2 and 1.0.3, why didn’t it happen to other aspects of the game yet?
Like, all those attack speed bugs described here could have been easily evaded if the auto attack cooldown happened on the server side. Seen people bugging hatchet, life staff and fire staff with it.
This is another super critical bug which is effectively destroying PvE and any kind of PVP activities right now. Seen dozen of topics with people mentioning they lost their territories due to this, and quitting afterwards since this is worse then losing to a cheater.

If New World would somehow recover from today’s economy crush the two bugs I mentioned MUST be fixed in the same maintenance window.

Thanks for the link. I was hoping we would see verbiage added to the message fornyhe length of time. Those generic messages left a lot to be desired originally.

Seems like step 1 of many is being addressed. I hope they areable to follow thru and fix the gold/items in circulation as well.

I’m not sure what irritates me more.

People not understanding how hard coding is or the OP not knowning what the eyeball emoji means.

I hope you and your collegues know that we (well, some atleast) really appreciate your communication.

And to some people in this thread: you really should work on your manners. The situation is probably worse for the people at AGS working on all these fixes right now. You should be glad, that we have some developers active in this forum. Such a direct line of communication is not something we should take for granted.

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Different root causes. I’m a dev and can sympathize with this situation. Are you an engineer or a cashier wrapped up in another conspiracy theory?

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I’m sorry but what economy? The gold farmers and sellers continue to destroy any hopes of devalue of market items. If you want to end gold farming and selling do what we did in our MMO; Ban the people BUYING the gold. Its easy to track in the logs with a simple few lines of code server side against whatever backend DB you’re using. If players start getting banned for buying gold you can bet the word will spread and the farmers will have no one to sell for. We even stopped proxy trading of gold the same way.

To be honest you have way to much information on the client side to increase performance. If your going to use this model you’ll need to write a client agent to detect packet sniffing, and data stream manipulation.

Blizzard did a pretty good job with “Warden” to combat against automated bots, and player bans for buying gold.

Sure you’ll still have cases of exploits and selling of gold but it wont be as bad as it is now.

Unless you enjoy letting these money farmers buy multiple copies of your game everyday and reap the benefits of the profits. (which I hope is not the case)

EverQuest Developer.

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Also a dev, can confirm empathy is the way experienced engineers are going to lean on this one. This is super common across all software development. Suspect @Pwesty is either not a dev at all, or intern at best.

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Looks like everyone that have done the gold duplication is angry now pointing that devs should have fixed it last july instead of now after they abuse it lol

Can it be done remotely from abroad? If so I’m genuinely interested in applying.

So i know the engine you guys are using is heavily based on the Cryengine and through some conversations with some former devs that worked at Trion who published and help run Archeage from XL games in korea, that you’re essentially experiencing almost all of the same problems they did when archeage launched. Extremely similar exploits that we’ve been seeing pop up here and some that have yet to rear their heads up. A lot of these exploits have been fixed and were addressed over the last 8 years since the time it launched and I’m curious if New World’s team has made any efforts to make get some help from those more experienced with the engine as it sounds like that’s a root cause for a lot of these issues. Amazon may have heavily modified, but there may be fixes for a lot of the exploits that you “fix” only to have more exploits and bugs pop up in place of the previous one.