Developer Kay knew about this glitch in July. Their response?

Ty for the response, hope you all had a good Halloween.

I know this type of thing is frustrating for everybody.


We have a fix that is set for overnight validation testing; if all goes well with testing, we will push the change to the game. Customer Support is taking action against players to engaged in these exploits. As far as the impact on the economy, our economy team is leading that investigation and will determine any next steps.

@GoodLA correct, it’s not done the same way in data but to players the actions are the same. I understand why it looks like we haven’t fixed something when the repro is the same, and that sucks for everyone because it is actually new, but looks old.

@allenandginter I’m referring to the one that GoodLA posted this thread about.


Yes. The video is disabled but read the comments

thank you for giving us a update. what are the odds of a roll back? im scared to progress my character today and farmed 4k gold and 100k tokens in the last 3 days


Nope, wrong. What I said is correct. We fixed the ones from Closed Beta.


You fixed it, but with the exact same method the players can still dupe? lol? (no offense, just funny^^)


Thank you for your response. It may not seem like it but a lot of us really hope we can come out of this. But oh man it’s looking rough.


I understand. Thank you for actually communicating with us. I really appreciate it and I know most of us do too. Good luck.


Just stop talking if you have no clue. Only bc stuff looks the same on the frontend, doesn’t mean whats happening in the backend is the same


I’m being sincere when I say it’s not funny. We worked really hard to get those changes that addressed the exploits from Closed Beta, and for another issue to show up that looks exactly the same, negates our work completely.

We created this game for you all, and issues like this one, where it looks like we are ignoring something that we all consider a huge problem, make it seem like we don’t care. We care a lot. And I’m sorry that this is happening.


good morning sir, bug fixed in beta sir. New bug appears sir that works same way as old bug but is new bug. please understand sir


So trade post wont be available until tomorrow at the earliest!!!

This this right here, games like this are complex, and they are trying to fix a live game, very quickly to help us. Some of them are going to be working overnight for hotfixes.


That’s correct :confused:


@Kay thank you for the response and i can tell new worlds devs do care a lot more then other companies which is refreshing. I am however very nervous to actually play right now with talk about roll backs and skills not working or talk about bans because you use hatchet/great axe. can you put our stress to rest on these rumors?


its all about the money not rly for us :smiley:

I really like the game, yet it’s hard to keep up the good spirit if patch after patch new problems arise. At least this reply was something positiv to read though. I hope this will get better soon.


Not sure if you can actually get banned for using great axe/hatchet but I believe there will be a special place in hell for people who use that combo. :smiley:

Bow/Spear enjoyer here.


Considering you lads added another exploit in because of your refusal to take the servers down… can we expect them to come down at all today?.

If companies get banned for your mistakes then it will be more of a shit show brother.

Also how about a PTR yeah?, let us break patches before added to live servers?.

So we have learned that regression testing is not a thing at AGS