Developers have given up or just radio silent?

Since the developers have given up on sharing anything about the games state after exploits broke loose and armor/weapon systems don’t appear to be getting any attention not to forget the economy which now tilts in favor of those who exploited the game… is this the point where the game is too broken to ever fully recover ?

armor/weapons can be fixed but what about economy ?
and that is even ignoring the biggest issue the game faces which is poor optimization where fps jumps up & down and wars the latency becomes a nightmare…

developers… the more you keep silent the worse it will only look… so at least give us a roadmap or time estimation for when the game is sort of stable…

A dev actually posted less than 24 hours ago. Hang on and i’ll try to find the link.

Edit: New world development team - New World Forums


I think you’re seeing hints of a roadmap from the Developer Corner posts by Zin_Ramu.

But these are people too. Do they need to own their mistakes and be accountable for them? Sure. The devs/community people posting here are doing God’s work dealing with this incensed crew (my average post is scathingly critical of aspects of the game and the prolific underappreciation for unintended consequences).

But while those posting are part of the team, they weren’t the decision makers who first mistakenly thought a PVP-centric game would sell sufficient to profitability goals or the ones responsible for the pivot.

Sometimes you make the right decision and sometimes you make decisions right. I see multiple AGS people here trying on the latter, showing great character in doing so.

Let’s all hope they can right the ship before we hit the stall speed of players.

Have faith! Their first game Crucible month after release was turned back to beta and shortly after project was killed. We are more than month live and still not back into the beta phase :wink:

The dev’s have actually been posting in the forums…

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