Developers help people quit the game

Refusing to merge servers is just plain stupid. What should people in those servers do? They can’t even do the content from updates. Why should they still play this game in a dead server? Locking the big servers is stupid aswell. My friends can’t join my server. So i need to search for another game to play with my friends.


You don’t loose nothing if you don’t play NW, this game without a total rework will ramain always trash.


I have an easy fix for ya: move to another server. We all have a free world transfer token. Claimable through the shop.

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Likely another troll who does not play the game.


Everyone got 3 transfer tokens. Why not go to more populated servers? My servers was dying too, they merged, other servers was getting low on pop, and they merge again. In this whole time there was 3 transfer tokens total. Now I switched servers and still have 2 more tokens left, don’t see a problem unless you hop from server to servers leeching resources trying to flip profit.


comments like urs @TeddyOfLove make me so fucking sad.

I’m just stating the fact that developers were not doing nothing, they gave everyone plenty of chances to be at normal populated server by now. If you can’t understand that, then continue crying. None can help now.


hey! not all of us have transfer tokens, many have started a char after the recent merges, and got 0 tokens, now we are stuck on dead servers.

I’m pretty sure that’s a very low amount of people. And yes, they are not the ones I am talking about.

man just look at the population of most servers, dont even reach 100 people.
Merges are essential rigth now.

Yes they are, and yes some people can only blame themselves and some have no choice. But claiming developers are bad in this case is wrong and not fair. They constantly address these issues, as seen by 3 waves of merges and 3 chances to swap servers. It’s just that they could be faster.

totally agree! i dont like people bashing on developers.
Im only ask for a tempestive action for merges.
At least not waiting a month after this update.

As long as it’s done without roasting developers like the subject of this thread, I am all for it personally. Healthy conversation and inquiry of problems you face is good as long as it’s not toxic towards someone.


The only reason it only got degraded into toxicity is because people feel like they’re talking to a brick wall, and AGS have done poor jobs at patching and all that in the past. There so many things a person can take before they just can’t take it anymore, take it from an eso player where the devs team are even more incompetent then the devs here.

But even then, We don’t need mergers. What we need is the ability to swap to any worlds we want, or AGS need to rework the server system in it’s entirety. The way it works now is a detriment because it’s resulting the domino effect we’re seeing now. Asking for merges is like delaying the inevitable at this point.

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First off… everyone got TWO transfer tokens. Maybe some people got three because they got put into a server with queues after the second token was released, but most definitely everyone did not get three.

Maybe two months into the game the first transfer token was released, many people used the first one to move off the server they got directed to at launch to a new destination to join friends. Most servers were in good spots at this point in time.

In many, many cases those new destination servers then slowly died and then were merged. Then they were merged a second time (not sure where you are getting the third merge from… but I most definitely never experienced it). After the second merge, a second token (not a third) was released. That token was a huge mistake for which the developers bear responsibility. Why? Because after the second round of merges populations were still under 1000 on the majority of servers. So of course, people started using their second token. Some to escape what they perceived to be toxic servers and others because they wanted a more populated server.

So guess what happens? Todays populated server that people used their second token to go to? It because tomorrows dead server with less than 200 person peak. Now people were stuck. There was no 3rd token or merge……

So yeah. Sorry. While I won’t roast the Devs for anything else on this game, this one they deserve to get roasted for. There are FORTY-EIGHT servers under 300 peak. That’s like 80% of the servers. It’s been that way for weeks. The lack of action is inexcusable.

Actually it’s doubly inexcusable because by this point the players stranded on these servers are your core players. They have stuck with your game through all its issues, and they can’t experience significant amounts of the content because of the lack of action.

This game needs a 100% rework from the bottom up. Was a wonderfully planned Idea. Implementation was not even close to sub par.

I am in Dry Tree and my friends can’t transfer to this server. Why should i go to empty server?

Because your friends and friend’s friends leaving will create a Low pop server and a dry Tree with queue. Screwing both servers

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What’s wrong with a little bit of queue? If i can’t play this game with my friends, i will find another game to play with my friends. And I’m not the only one.

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so it is only a matter of days that even the most populated servers will drop to 600/700 players, let’s not forget that 2 weeks ago in the top servers there were 2000 players now there are 1300 maximum at the peak. This game’s servers will always be bound to merge, until there are 1 or 2 servers left. First because NW is not suitable for such small servers without the crosserver, second because it’s damn boring and low in content, so people are continuing to stop playing.

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