Developers Not providing Informaton on Downtime for schedule maintence

Logged in tonight to find a message on my UI from the developers that the server was going down and to look at for more info. Upon landing at the only info I found was the normal webpage advertising the winter convergence, even checking forum, nothing about tonights 1/19/22 update. So even the info im gettng in game about updates is just another run around circle. If you take the server down and tell people to check website please at least put the details on the website your redirecting people to… its simple like have a splashpage, SERVER MAINTENCE, then included the why. jfc

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Stop complaining about devs, they will get upset :frowning:


Actually the message in login screen says check the forums, and this was found upon checking forums.

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actually it says check for more details on my end so pardon your confusion. and secondly they dont make it easy to find info. i try to check the latest on forums and its a bunch of individual post like this one. If they redirect me to thats where the info should be. its not my job to search for something they said they provided on there website. maybe include the devtracker post url instead of just because not everyone playing the game can find their way there. imo . let alone to assume everyone playing the game has signed up for the forums or even has access to do so

I hope its not just disabling character creation that they are doing and actually fixes the bug that stops players from advancing faction rank.

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The login screen definitely says check so no, I’m not confused. We may be referring to different messages, sounds like you mean the in-game message, while I’m referring to the “lobby” message +
(Character selection screen)


Naaawwww should momy come and hug you?

yes especially if she is 3 foot tall

Reading properly can be hard.

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You should probably take your own advice then. I never said he was wrong (if you would actually read).

I don’t remember and being the same place but I might be wrong

is what I wrote, I never wrote that HIS message (in-game) was the same as mine. Stop trying to be a smartass when you clearly can’t even follow a thread.

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Thank you. Forgot other people’s clients act different. Have a great weekend!

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