Developers, when are you guys going to take action with VOID GAUNTLET?

when is Amazon going to fix/valance the Void Gauntlet ? the damage right now is insane… there’s also a slide bug that people are doing in OPR , every single soul in OPR is using this broken weapon, when are you guys going to do something about it and fix OPR and make time to fix this broken weapon? … also it would be amazing if you guys actually take time to figure out the weapon switching issue, weapons bug and don’t switch. FIX the speed bug at OPR seems like everyone is using it now. people running aimbot and scripted, this game is becoming COD with all the cheating.


They don’t listen, they don’t answer.

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Sounds like a skill problem not a weapon problem.


Sounds like a VG user.


VG is a damage weapon why you crying about its damage its balanced lol. The bug with the slide needs to be fixed but the weapon itself is fine. Yes I use VG. Yes I also have used every other weapon in game.

People that play smart can easily beat my VG. But I’m sure you’re one of those Hurr durr stand in the oblivion while the VG beats on me types.


If they just change VG to increase only with Focus, It would be enough…
Now it is annoying, seeing all the people with nullifying oblivion and petrifying Scream and then 2-3 hits and you are dead


Is the VG not crashing everyone’s game to desktop, like it does with me? I started trying to level up my gauntlets, IG and VG three days ago or so, but the VG constantly crashes my game.

Any advice?

It’s primary focus was never to be a damage weapon.


The entire left tree is a damage tree. It scales primarily off int which is a damage stat. Are you high?


Someone got killed by VG and now they have 100 reasons to cry and want it nerfed.


It’s because people want to face tank a VG instead of using their brain and baiting out blade CD or just simply not standing in the oblivion AoE.

VG is totally useless when it doesn’t have blade up. It’s a long cooldown. When you see the blade come out CC and dodge away and wait for it to go away before you go in. And for God’s sake don’t stand still in the black circle of death. It isn’t hard lmao


I think what he’s trying to say is: initially it was supposed to be a support/utility weapon for healers because they only had a single weapon that scaled off focus. However due to being overtuned it’s turned more into a intellect scaled mage weapon that’s used to deal damage, not provide utility/support by a healer.


So many crybabies… there’s a SHIFT key, use it. 1 cc to VG after he dropped oblivion and popped a blade = his death. Vault kick and Riposte (ex) are such an insane counter for a VG, just land it and stop crying. 100% a GA/WH user, such a brainless combo, run around, do AoE stuns, left click. Jeez


The right side of the tree is exactly that. The left side is intended for int focused damage dealers and the right for focus healer and supporting. Again. The weapon is working exactly as designed.

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IDK the slide bug aside, I too have felt the void blade to be over tuned. But the more I fight VG users, the more Im learning to counter it. So im not sure if it needs to be dialed back anymore. I think its alright where it is. Just dont trade against the void blade.

Nerv Bow, nerv GA, nerv WH, nerv Lifestaff, nerve heavy armor, nerv everything i dont play , so that i can be a god among the dead people in pvp. pathetic.


VG is so far from useless without even slotting void blade.


Oh please. Come fight me without void blade ill let you pick my weapon setups. I’ll trash you with anything lol

As someone who plays several builds (pretty well), VG/IG included, I just feel many people are failing to understand how easy it is to counter a VG.

I meet many good players in the open world and in OPR who are just easily countering VG.

  • Run out of oblivion, just dodge out of it
  • If you get screamed at, fight. You are not stunned, you are just rooted, you can still use your abilities and deal damage
  • If you are not rooted, simply run out of oblivion and wait till the void blade is off

VG isn’t that great if a user has the blade on cooldown. Yes, just like any other weapon in OPR, it can be deadly if you are just zerging and positioning yourself poorly. But that’s not a weapon issue, it’s the OPR design flaw issue which is just horrible.

Don’t make VG better than it actually is. Just learn to counter it.


I’ve played VG for a couple days now… its fun fighting melee but I can never catch ranged there’s no gap closer so I think it’s balanced in that sense

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