Devs, are you making a PvP Arena?

We all want a 2v2, 3v3 or 5v5 battle arena. Is it even in the works?

Weapon imbalances, desynchronization and combat smoothness first, then battle arena?

Roadmap would be nice.

Put a permanent battle arena in the PTR and just watch them. Min/max gear battles for easy tests.


I’m not against an arena but smaller scale OPR with pre made and rankings could be 100% more interesting and unique with various maps rather than being a wow clone with arenas.


95% BiS gear you can grind for too, something to go for without rolling 200k mats but grind for arena tokens that buy 600 GS armor that’s geared for PvP rather than luck.


Only if it’s ranked, completely equalized and cross-server, otherwise don’t really care.


whats equalized mean? like gear? I honestly love the idea that gear from PvE is actually useful for PvP. It also makes builds more diversive with gear and perks.

but yeah cross server seriously needs to be in place if arenas come out haha.

Love the idea of 2v2, 3v3, 5v5 arenas (especially with ranked play).

Though seems like lot of the arenas would just be a big heal/void fest unfortunately.

Like we do 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 tournaments on our server. Only one lifestaff per team in 2v2 and 3v3 and if you have a lifestaff user then your team cannot use potions, the opposing team can. If neither team has lifestaff, then no team can use potions. Not exactly sure how they would combat multiple lifestaff/void gaunt combos on same team in arenas because with the right gear, they truly are unstoppable in these tournaments (you cant kill even 1 geared up medium lifestaff user with 3 people if the lifestaff user is also able to use potions).

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No thanks. Small scale arenas inevitably twist balance discussions away from large scale and towards performance in 2v2 or 5v5. Which will break large scale balance even more than it is right now.

Games like this need to pick a side and focus solely on that when it comes to PvP balance. It doesn’t even matter if they explicitly say they will never balance around a 2v2 arena, if they implement it the community will bitch and moan until they cave and balance for 2v2.

You prefer 50v50 combat? Always blows my mind that some people prefer very large scale combat to smaller. But hey you do you.
Smaller always felt and feels more involving, fun, and competitive. It actually mattered if i made a mistake or made a good play.

Yes. My favorite MMOs are those that focus on large scale combat like Warhammer Online and DAOC.

That’s subjective. Same as why you like PvP and others PvE.

I myself think having both would be a good thing but as the guy above says, it will make balancing a hell because weapon results would be heavily different.

I feel like because this MMO allows you to respec, change ablities, change your entire class if you want then it is easier than other mmos to balance it properly.

I mean i use completely different skill tree and perks in War opposed to duel tournaments in the game right now. I’d expect most people would and do the same.

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And being able to grind PvP for BiS without having to mythic + pve bullshit.

First mistake is expecting others to play a certain way.

You and many of us might have different armor sets for different occasions but several just prefer a more general approach and won’t bother on min/max.

Some would prefer way more the feeling of collaboration with a team to take X or Y objectives and feeling helpful to an entire group than single instant gratification from 1v1 or small scale duels.

And even then weapon balancing would still be hell. Just thinking a combo of Rapier/Spear + IG is already oppressive outside of wars and can easily become a staple for small scale which would lead to crying and changes here would have effect on tbose who use them on large scale and it becomes the same cycle.

Also wanting to have other weapons perform decent in both areas would cause those issues.

Also, we got to admit the huge chaos that forms in wars would be pretty relaxing and fun if there were not performance issues.

Regarding respec, people whined a lot abojt not being able to pay a house tax now imagine feeling the need to respec with how much people have an issue with Azoth costs (I never had an issue) lol

fundamental design philosophy : every main activity should help you get to end game.

the problem right now is that some activities are far more rewarding than others. and there isnt enough activities that cater to the PVP people and regardless of weather pvp or pve is the minority or not. yal both wrong as you are dwarfed by the rest of us that like both.

PvP arenas that you jump into as a group as a way to practice and get better in team tactics is a no brainer.

you could go one step further and make schedule faction PVP arenas for influence/tokens.

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Small scale combat has always been more meaningful and competitive where you can clearly see if one player made a mistake or made a big brain play which led to his/her win or loss. Large scale is fun and all with the zergy feeling but that’s all it is, just for fun (at least for the winning zerg) since winning or losing is not dependent on the skill of any single player but rather depends on how the zerg moves as a whole and outmaneuvers the other zerg (and also if one zerg has bigger numbers or better gear on average etc).

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Large scale pvp is less about individual skill and more about strategy and use of assets to outwit your opponent.

that’s basically exclusive to 1 or 2 leaders per side.

and its FUN but that isnt an every day thing.

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Yes but on the topic of competitiveness, does losing in a large scale battle mean that all losing players are less skilled than all the winning players? Definitely not, which means it’s not a good showcase for competitiveness which in essence is defined as the better skilled player being deserving of the win.

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in war you could have the absolute best melee murder squad pull up on A. have the leader call for them to move to B, get rooted in the forest by a squad of void screens and ultimatly lose the war.

does that mean the melee murder squad is less skilled? no

ya lost because a call was made without knowing a root squad was in the forest waiting.

anyway i was adding on to what you were saying.

5v5 or less is about individual skills.
war is about leaders skills and has less barring on the individuals.

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Scaling for different events is a very easy thing to engineer.

No, no it’s not. Balancing for 1v1 or 2v2 or 5v5 is very different from 20v20 or 50v50. AoE scales way better than single target, both damage and healing, for example. So if you have a balanced setup for 2v2 or 5v5 where AoE dps is viable, they will be OP as fuck in 20v20 or 50v50. And if they are balanced in 50v50 they will likely be bad in 5v5.

Scaling for different events. As in buff/Nerf in said event. So if VG is too op in arena, scale it to 95% damage, light armor people are null and void? Give them 5% damage absorption. CC too op? Reduce all CC effects by 5%

AoE not effective at all in small scale battle? Buff AoE damage 5%.


Again, specifically only during an arena battle so the rest of the game is unaffected.

Wouldn’t even have to change the item itself, just straight up have automatically applied buff/debuffs in the arena.