Devs attention please

950 hours in and the last 400 hours have been spent gathering notes and testing each build as much as I could. Ive tried my absolute best to have no bias here as others have with their recommendations towards the pvp aspect of the game (without breaking the PVE spirit) I know February is yalls month of balance and fixes so I’d appreciate it if you took these modifications into consideration. I have asked around about how other players of various builds have felt about the overall balance and as I expected, some adjustments need to be made. These are my recommendations, any questions, comments or concerns please shoot them my way and I will explain and adjust appropriately…

Edit: Do be aware that most will disagree, their tunnel vision will force them to focus on their own builds balancing and not the entirety of the game balance. People will always flock to cheese builds that require little effort for easy knocks. This list will see to it that all cheese builds are promptly balanced and removed.

-20% increased arrow draw and charge speed
-decrease crit damage done by bow -20%
-Fix sight alignment on bow when close or medium range
-increase splinter shot damage from 50% to 75% weapon damage
-Fix jump dodging iFrames. This is an exploit being widely abused. Jumping for whatever reason makes you immune to all damage aside from roots and increases the shot speed
(The overall charge speed is well to low tho the damage is high on a crit and rewarding, I believe most bow users would rather have attack speed increased with a crit decrease)

-reduced dmg of void gauntlet when stacked with oblivion by -20%
-reduced dmg done by oblivion -10%
-reduce self heals of void gauntlet -30%
-decrease lunge
-increase CD for petrifying scream +3 seconds
-should stack best with focus as opposed to intel if not solely on focus
(VG has no counter currently, they melt through lights and tanks alike, if you get caught in a scream, it’s best you pray)

-Give ability to “reload on the run” and cancel reload as necessary
-Remove hitscan (muskets round velocity is incredibly slow at range irl) and add bullet drop
-remove ability to climb overlooking mountains in OPR
-add falloff damage reduction
-remove burst fire
(Overly clunky weapon, forces users to play the mountains rather then play the game, give them the ability to reload on the fly and I promise people will be more active in the mid game.)

-Decrease death defy duration from 3s to 2 seconds
-allow Beserk to be staggered and stunned
-decrease self heals by beserk -15%
-Fix Hit box on large bosses and players
-Increase berserk cooldown +5 seconds
-remove animation for infected through and make it baseline with other axe throws making it much simpler to aim but not excessively difficult
(Tho some servers haven’t started seeing it active again, mine has, and there’s no counter to Beserk if they can’t be staggered, if you wish to keep the ability to not be staggered then I recommend removing self heals from it or cutting it in half)

-Decrease projectile hit box -20%
-Increase AOE ability Dmg +15%
(Mages should excel in AOE and their currently underperforming, decreasing hit box size of light and heavy attacks would put it on par with other ranged weapons as it should be)

-Increase HP of Entombed +15%
-increase AOE ability Damage +5%
-decrease Ice spike damage from 56% weapon damage to 50%
-increase ice pylon damage from 50% to 60% weapon damage
-allow ice pylon to root every 3rd hit of the same opponent for 1 second
(A lot of one shot builds have been making a presence lately regarding the ice spike, I don’t think anyone wants that. Ice pylon is an awesome idea but to add root every 3rd hit as if it’s actually freezing an opponent and base damage to it, we may actually see it make an appearance in pvp.)

-increase reposte CD from 11 seconds to 13 seconds
-decrease reposte activation position by .3 seconds
-increase tondo damage from 50% weapon damage to 65%
-allow reposte to be staggered if the attack is a heavy attack
(allow for more precision timing requirements by decreasing the overall animation time)

-increase base dmg +15%
-add a mobility ability or passive/escape tool

-Decrease damage output of charge from 120-140% to 100% (a gap closer shouldn’t double as a strong damage dealer but keeps the intended design of closing on ranged)

-Increase base damage +10%
-allow players to fire ranged weapons under small or medium shields with ranged weapons
(It only makes sense)
-merge all attributes onto sword and allow for 1 additional perk onto shields
-increase shield bash damage from 50% to 60%

-Decrease lunge -10%
-Increase CD of Sweep 9.2 to 11.5 seconds
-Give skewer grit
-increase slow duration of cyclone from 3 to 5 seconds

-Reduce healing output when paired with a life staff on self and other players -20%
-Reduce damage output when wearing for all weapons aside from Sword -25%
-Decrease dmg absorption -15%

-increase other player healing output +10%
-reduce healing output on self and others -10%

-increase healing output on self and others +15%
-increase speed of stamina Regen +10%

-remove grit of light attacks at 300 strength

-Increase crit time at 300 from every 10 seconds to every 13 seconds
-increase ammo return chance from 15% to 30%

-increase elemental damage from +15% to +25%
-increase mana Regen rate +10%

-Decrease mana Regen rate -10%

-Decrease stun, slow and root spells from 20% to 10%

-Decrease health of brute -20%
-add cooldowns to all of brutes ability
-fix hit box of the rolling boulder against players
-fix visuals making the boulder invincible at times

-Remove final tap kills on downed players/ make it so that the most damage done to the opponent is awarded the kill
-give Tank absorbed damage and healer heals contribution score to be ranked appropriately for their efforts
-add diminishing returns

-credit tanks and healers for their contributions and reward them appropriately
-if your gonna immobilize players in water, do the same with npc’s
-remove static spawns for nodes
-increase overall nodes total count
-decrease damage of the (flaming sword guy in myrkgard) -15%
-decrease health pool of the flaming sword guy -10%
-decrease lunge range of spear mobs
-decrease damage of elite spear mobs -10%

-add static resets on all cooldowns
-add some utility to fishing legendary mats

-allow ability to reroll on crafts at cost of partial resources and BOP if necessary
(Max tier crafts are very expensive and it’s overwhelmingly RNG run, even with the timeless shards you burn through gold on 1 craft with no chance of returning on the investment the majority of the time while also being more rewarding to max your crafts)
-the road speed bonus appears to be bugged and you see almost no difference, also adding that most typical destinations are well off course of roads which renders the bonus useless. Only way to Correct this that i can think of is adding mounts, when damage is done to the player or the mount, the player is thrown off of the mount to keep them out of pvp)
-increase drop rate of legendary items in end game dungeons
-fix luck, it seems as if I get significantly less drops in dungeons the more luck that I have from mini bosses etc. more luck should always equal a higher percentage chance at better rewards especially without reducing the amount of rewards)
-decrease lag caused by mages


Lol, those aren’t biased notes at all. Tell me where the melee touched you at, especially hatchet LOL.


Been seeing the hatchet/great axe combo a lot recently. The hatchet stacked with Beserk and death defy is impossible to defeat with beserk active and immune to stuns while paired with the great axe. This is becoming a very common cheese build and these edits are to reduce as many cheese builds as possible. Would you recommend a increase to the berserk cooldown as well? Left click builds in general need to be tuned down, that’s why a minimum of 75% of players are running them.

What? Lmao- melee in general pretty much gets melted now in opr and wars, and of all melee, hatchet is probably the weakest because of the stupid hitboxes. Anyways it doesn’t matter because they won’t take your patch note suggestions, thank god.


There would LITERALLY be no reason to ever play hatchet.

Don’t quit your day job, game development is not your forte.


I did mention a correction of the hit box did I not? And don’t lie to support your build. These notes are to balance the game entirely and not just favor 1 build. Melees are over represented in all pvp and pve aspects of the game. And they need to be tuned down especially due to a low skill cap requirement.

Support my build eh, too bad I use Sword+Shield there guy. Lol. Your notes are still terrible tho :slight_smile:


Stacking death defy with beserk especially with a low cooldown. Makes any hatchet user absolutely unstoppable in its current state. High damage output, high self heal output, high mobility output, literal immortality, nothing should be a god of all trades in a MMO. I’ll tell you what tho. I’ll make some adjustments to my numbers to make it more proportional with your opinion and overall balance. The root of most of the issues with the hatchet is beserk, so we can just increase the cooldown as needed

that sounds pretty biased.

  1. you think low skill cap should equal less damage.
    2)you think melee is low skill cap
    3)you think melee population is based on OPness, when in rpgs, there are always more melee than ranged players even when ranged is OP.

aside from that, hatchet is not over performing. Reducing movement speed for armor weights is a non starter. That alone would destroy everything.

I think you should list the problems you seek to solve with these changes. Because some of them seem random.


what donyou mean stacking death defy? it has its own cooldown of 75 seconds.

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People are progressively moving towards the latest cheese build being GA/hatchet you’ll see it as more people start abusing it in your server

what is cheesy about it

I see it once in awhile but Great Axe/Hammer kills me far more often than anything, next is Void Gauntlet/pretty much anything.

You want more weight? You should have limited mobility. It only makes sense right? Heavy armour should be reserved for tanks and most everyone agrees. Certain armour types need to be utilized for certain roles. And none of this is based on my own opinion. Based off people of all builds collected opinions, not just my own

GA/WH was the specific reason why I added that diminishing returns needs to exist. I don’t have much of a problem with them myself since I’ve learned to counter them, but the grit needs to be removed from light attacks without a doubt. Everyone and their mother knows the VG needs to be ripped apart from the core. Great concept weapon, but well over tuned and tips the scales of balance

After re reading your post I totally get where you are coming from on some of the points… Nonetheless its a big can of worms to try and open and I hope in Feb they go very lightly w balance changes as too heavy of a hand can be one step forward and two back.

Edit: discussing pvp balance on forums is kindve a crap shoot because we dont know each other’s skill level. And honestly if 9/10 flagged players run away when they see me then I’d have to assume 9/10 ppl replying on these forums are not in a position to weigh in on the subject. Devs should work with a selected group of talent, not the gen pop.

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games aren’t designed to be realistic, they are designed to be a game.

irl the difference in damage between clothes and full body armor isn’t 20% damage reduction.

many decisions are made to balance pvp/pve movement speed is one of these things.

you also didnt base this on everyone’s opinions. As evidenced by people disagreeing in this thread.

I respect your opinion and agree to an extent. Most adjustments are very minimal and/or give builds what they should have had from the start

So we’re going with video game concept. Can you explain to me why heavy armour players are dealing more or the same damage back to light armour players? You think they should reap the benefits of heavy armor and not the detriments? Why should heavy have both heavy armour and heavy damage output? Best of both worlds. What’s the purpose of using medium or light with it being the way it is currently?

“Decrease projectile hit box -20%”

Stopped reading after that. Difficult enough to land hits at a distance, on a moving target, as it is.

Just lost my care about this post.