Dev's blatantly ignoring War Xploits

As a company that doesn’t encourage use of exploit’s in war, We are seriously sick and tired of Amazon blatantly ignoring PVP exploits, that get used repeatedly. Any other MMO would hotfix these things nearly immediately upon discovery, but Amazon/New World just let them run forever. The only player base truly left are PVP players, and not hot fixing war breaking exploits is horribly bad for business. You’re letting people lose territory’s they worked hard to take, and have fought hard to keep, to exploiters because of incompetence.

Reddit AND the new world forums are all up in arms about the Ice Gauntlet stacking, and people using combo’s like IG/GA JUST To gain 60% extra dmg with their GA. And yet, the dev team literally does nothing. Nothing at all. Literally hot fix the perk or watch you lose more and more player’s.


We’re literally placing explosive barrels to block the exit for the “sneak under the fort and capture it before the gates are down” exploits.

There’s pretty much nothing you can do to avoid the intentional movement buggers or the IG stacks short of having an entire army of bruisers to just go shove them into the war camp with a neverending wave of CC and stuns.

I admit its hilarious watching them try to stand on a point to cap it and get dissolved with their armies of squishy mages trying their best to abuse bugs, but its getting old fast and they still get a win here and there with that trashy technique.

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