Devs, can you make heavy armor worth while in PvP now?

Just go through this guy’s videos. He has a little bit of everything.

I’m doing 750-950k damage pretty consistently in Medium as a bruiser and I’m far from elite as a pvp’er. Idk about that. It’s definitely not as much burst as light, but at least on the server we play on fights aren’t fought as much on point. I do wish green would slot more bruisers in Med/Hvy though that’s for sure. Point presence is an issue. We try to play the finesse game and it just doesn’t work.

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Idk if you play OPR but you can consistently see me in top 5 in kills in my medium build. I made a 600 GS light melee build and I’m literally number 1 every OPR now. Lol. Last night I went 11/2 as Light GA/Hatchet at 500 points. My buddies started an ARAM and I was playing half and half and ended like 18/5. At the 500 point mark the guy in second had 6 kills and I had 2k more points than him.

Medium isn’t bad, but light OR heavy is better depending on what you’re trying to do.

And yeah, last war I was in I had 980k damage. In light in OPR I can hit 1.5m typically with more kills and less deaths than when I play medium. Only around 1m in medium.

I don’t really value OPR. I like to fool around with builds there too but its not competitive often and it doesn’t mirror war comps or meta at all so it’s not very valuable atm because you can’t easily extrapolate performance. Light bruiser can kick butt in wars regardless though, I agree with that. 1m-1.5m melee damage in light I’ve seen a good amount of with high kills.

Curious on the EU servers where heavy armor in war is more prominent what armor type healers are wearing.

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i call bs :smiley:

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Obviously varies, but the last 2 times I ran light melee I had top kills. Finally got the final pieces for a good light melee build and I’ve ran it twice. Finished both number 1. Normally top 5 in kills on medium.

i play heavy armor, permanent rank1.

small side note… ranking is Damage/Healing based, most likely…

ofc a Damage Dealer is top tier… maybe u remember the time, where u just had to equip a LS for guaranteed rank 1-5

I have yet to take it to wars, but once it’s 623 minimum well see how it goes.

The damage reminds me of the pre gutted Grav Well in 300/200.

It’s easier to top scoreboard as a healer tbh. It’s usually healers and Dex/Intel DPS up there. I was meaning kills, not score.

In medium it was kills, in light it’s damage AND kills. Lol

ye cuz u get them from throwing ur shit in clumps…
because 50% are still braindead zerg clumps in a fort…

try facing a melee bruiser 1:1 as light mage for example.
cant burst him ( only one i can burst with 360 int 623GS, are 50 Kon Muskets… )
only thing u can do is poke and run like a wiener… :eyes:

In medium you can’t kill a light mage or really any light ranged unless they’re bad.

Im new to light melee so I haven’t had to run down a light mage except for once and he had IG as a second weapon. It was pretty much a skill match up. If he I Framed right and poked, he could whittle me down. If he didn’t, I would almost kill him and ice tomb would save him. If he messed up before potion Cooldowns and ice tomb, he was dead. Too bad he baited me into 3 bows and I got pelted to death.

Said mage was in my company and is a high priority target mage in most wars.

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There’s nothing to be changed. Light is movement, medium is a balance beetween movement and tankiness and heavy is tank, there’s nothing to it. Heavy armor tanks waaaaaaaay more than light, a little more than medium. I don’t know what else do you want if you don’t want to be kited play light.


he wants to be tanky, while being agile, with high dmg / burst… what else :smiley:


that’s accurate. i feel like some guys don’t want to learn how to play, or put some effort into it. They just want to be gods, and if they’re not succeding then it must be because whatever they play is in a bad spot right now. That’s fucking crazy.

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Don’t take this as an attack, but I really don’t think you’ve been playing in heavy armor lately, especially in war.

After the Shirking Fortification perk came along, many medium armor builds can maintain 50% fortify at all times. In addition, many of them have “life steal” sustain, which as a result brings a very high tank potential. I think the clearest example of this is VG/IG and GA/WH.

Those who choose to play with heavy armor don’t have a significant gain in resistance, which compensates for the lower amount of damage and dodge.

So we all agree with you, light armor should do more damage and have more mobility, medium armor should be balanced and heavy armor should be more tanky, that’s OBVIOUS, but it’s not what we have in the game, there’s just no strong reason to be wear heavy armor, even more so when we’re talking about competitive guilds.

Heavy armor is now restricted to tanks (500 con), which are still very limited and expendable.

Relax, i will not.

shirking fortification is not exclusive to medium armor tho you can use it with heavy too, and to be honest even without that heavy tanks alot. the tankiness by itself is not a big deal, but if you pair that with healers and potions that’s pretty hard to kill for anyone not running some especial builds.

And heavy does get alot of resistence if compared to medium, of course if we’re comparing the same perks.

What we have in the game currently is, light does not do that more damage, it just means more mobility, medium for some reason has 3 dodges and thats why fortification is so strong on medium armor, and heavy tanks alot, trust me it does, ask anyone playing a musket (i’m not a musket main, i main bow).

Also don’t take this as an offense either but what i feel is people need to pair armor with weapons in order to have an GOOD build. let me explain myself:

I don’t see any bow users wearing heavy because its shitty, bow is a weapon that need mobility then you go either light (main choice) or medium (some people) and that’s what make builds strong.

Heavy armor tanks alot, but has no mobility. Then add up charge from great axe or leaping strike from SnS and you have a GOOD build. you’re not imortal, nor being able to wreck 10 people by yourself facetanking them, but not alot of builds can do that anyway, and that’s not a war scenario.

Yes, you are right, this perk is not exclusive to medium armor. However, it is much more efficient in lighter armor than in heavy armor, for the simple fact that:

  1. We have a 50% fortify cap

  2. Defense (physical/elemental) are logarithmic, so any value above 1500 (if I’m not mistaken) already doesn’t have that much difference. That’s why for a tank, which can easily maintain 50% of fortify, this perk becomes very unimportant, having other options as more interesting, but still representing little in general survival.

With these two points, if you take two equal sets, one medium and one heavy, the damage you will do to them with both with 50% fortify is not much different, this perk reduced the cap between the two armors. However, the DPS is clearly higher for those who wear medium armor.

So putting these factors together with a higher dodge rate and a higher conversion of damage to hp, medium armor can have an overall survivability equal to or greater than heavy armor and still give a high dps.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want heavy armor to be op, for me it had to have negative damage bonus (-10%), but tank much more than it currently tanks.

I agree and it is precisely this thought that mobilizes several topics here about how tank is weak in this game (I’m a main tank). Imagine, you use a defensive weapon (SS), invest in perks and defense attributes and even tank like who uses VG/IG BB/IG GA/WH, it’s illogical. In fact, today the tank has more effectiveness for its secondary weapon than for the sword itself.

But note that all my explanation was comparing these builds alone, in war of course things change, in fact what most influence is having a pocket healer kkkk.

I see your point, and on that i can agree but in order for heavy’s tankiness to be buffed it should have damage nerf way higher than 10%, i would say the same rate as healers, 30%.

The reason i say that is because yes, light gets 20% more damage but it’s affected by your mitigation, so its not really 20% some people say its close to 12.5%.

So if you buff heavy in the current state everyone is gonna go medium/heavy just because it will be more effective in wars.

But i agree if heavy gets a damage debuff it should tank more.