Devs can you please do something about pvp players screwing up the game for pve players and everyone else?

Yes, this is why a system like EVE or Albion – with the core zones being non-PvP and lowest yield, mid-zones being intermediate PvP (low consequence), somewhat better yield, and black/0.0 zones being full-loot PvP, highest yield, player-made settlements/outposts – is the better one than this one, where everything is smushed together and the playstyles are constantly at each other’s throats.

But they wanted to create a system where you had both politics, and player control over the central territories to make the PvP and PvE integrated through town upgrades and finances. Well … that doesn’t always go well, does it?


eve is like cookie clicker but in space

albion is a mobile game

enough said


Ya that really sucks if I bought A house there Guess I should just loose that massive investment due to someone raising the tax to 20%?

I feel like houseing Tax should be something that stays fixed. I can choose where I can craft/trade but I cant move my house so being forced to pay thousands in taxes because of a troll company is wrong.


Happens. I still dont know why so many people cry about Taxes. If they lose the City the next one is gonna do the same shit. Accept it its part of the Game as i have to accept 99% are PvE only players that hate PvP players to the bone.

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First, this is not a PVP game, in other forums, community management claims they want PVP and PVE to co-exist, therefore, its not a PVP game, but not a PVE game either.


When cheaters use cheats and exploits to win wars and then do this, where are you going to go? Taxes are high everywhere even for themselves. But they don’t care because they’re not spending.


Settlement taking has nothing to do with Open World PVP, this is why there are many other forums of PVP players wanting PVP servers so they can actually have Open World PVP. Currently, the incentive for Open World PVP is not good once you cap level 60, and not good for low level either.

The could easily do that in the upper three zones, but they are high level zones and would basically just make it where PVP and PVE no longer co-exist which is AGS current vision per community management mentioned in other forums.

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Don’t know all the circumstances at play on your server, but I’ve seen taxes going up across the settlements I visit often. At least from my understanding, it is a result of the unforeseen costs/impact of maintaining a settlement in relation to wars and invasions.

The great thing about the game, is if players get peeved enough, they could just well take a chance at claiming the territory. All it takes is some diplomacy, back-room deals, etc… to orchestrate a take over (I know I am radically simplifying this).

Per some comments, this is what happens when you play a game that features core systems that revolve around contested territories.


I like the idea just how it is. This is human nature, don’t like it go somewhere else. Unless ALL settlements are like this one, you have the choice to go elsewhere. This is what the player base wanted when we said we want a player controlled economy. System is working as intended, you’re just used to being handed everything without doing anything yourself.

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Territory control isn’t player controlled economy… It is a few people in a company that pvped to take territory and now want to ruin the game for others.


Looks pretty player controlled as players are controlling the taxes and are created by the player and go to the players. Seems very heavily player controlled. It just ruffles your jammies, so you don’t see that

The answer to this lies with the players.

You can either move and let the Company wind up lording over a ghost town or you can stay there and grumble. Unless the entire server is run by a mega guild with bunches of child-companies other settlements are available.

Starve them out - if people all just say “Nope, you’re not getting one gold piece from me” and bail on the settlement then you just cut down their money tree.


Just as intended by the system. If you aren’t giving them money, they’ll starve themselves. The servers have to find their own balance without AGS coming to hold their hands at every little thing.

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Sorry but I don’t agree with your thinking. It isn’t okay, and I don’t the developers will think it is okay, for ONE person, the governor of a company, to remove a whole city from play for thousands of others.


You don’t have to agree, this is a discussion not a solution. I think it is, but it gives you the grievances to call him out and to actually immerse yourself into the game and the politics of a game without the annoyance of real life ramifications. You can call them out on it IN THE SERVER and have them become a hated company that falls apart, YOU as a PLAYER have the power to push these IN justifications onto that company and actually make a change. You can make a difference and that’s beautiful, you have actual power in this case by not using them and watching them fall apart. How many games do your choices actually make a difference?

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what you’re missing, is when companies monopolize and do this to every town, and for bonus devolve them as well. if you’re in the same faction/company, there’s nothing you can even do at all. it was suggested in beta, to remove all control from companies and actually split it to share between those who bought homes in the towns and the company that owns it, to try and deal with this issue.

it’s not pvp’s fault persay, but whomever is in control of the company, and whatever bs is also going on in the background. the problem we saw in beta, has actually gotten worse with live.


But that is the intent. I imagine in some design session from distant past…

What happens when jerk governor and company decides to troll players in a given settlement?

Let the rest of the server take care of them by taking their business to other settlements, throwing wars and/or invasions, neglecting portals, etc…

Sorry but if you are in there faction you can do NOTHING. You can’t just leave and make them run out of gold, it doesn’t work that way. The upkeep for a non-upgraded city is very easy to keep up with.

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But in theory, a non-upgraded city may very well get abandoned as players move elsewhere. As a member of the faction, you do just that, temporarily move elsewhere and hope upkeep eventually reaches a point where it is greater than the income generated.


what do you mean you can’t do anything? Don’t give them the money, don’t use that settlement, you act like this is the ONLY place you can go to. Start asking the governor, what the hell he’s doing and why are the prices so high? IF they need to add something it’s a way for THAT company to kick their guild leader out as governor for these grievances. This situation is exciting to me though, i see it as evolution and actual players making a difference.

If the city is non-upgraded, you aren’t going to be using it anyways, if a city doesn’t have waht i need, i move cities. I don’t care who’s in control of it (faction wise) i use what i need. If they’re the only company with a tier 5 forge in the WHOLE server, then they’re just using supply and demand, they have the demand as being the only tier 5 forge, that’s on your other companies not getting there. You have so many options for circumventing this situation.

This was hypothetical, i know you did a picture of what they had, i was just using tier 5 forge as an example.