Devs fix dupes by wrecking professions. Namely, Furnishing- and they dont care

i have tagged every dev i can, i have commented on 50+ furnishing posts

so many people have asked for an update.
many have begged.

Bottom Line- dont expect to see a chest or a trophy on the auction house, or a player selling them, as NO ONE can get ANY kind of straight answer about Furnishing being utterly crippled at all.

We have asked if its a priority.
we have asked if we can get an ETA.
we have asked if theyre currently working on it.
we have asked if they forgot about it.
we have asked if any AGS dev or community manager can comment on it.
we have asked, in some cases BEGGED for ANY UPDATE AT ALL.

we get nothing. So, Furnishing? yeah. seems… like its in Limbo for the forseeable future.

Whats the big secret AGS? why isnt there any information ANYWHERE on this topic? why does every single dev and community manager dodge this question? better question, who the heck can we get a straight answer from?

You just have to assume after 7 days, they just cant fix it. They are literally sinking the game every single hour.

working as intended,

every “fix” has been a punishment to player base… thank about that…

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