Devs - have you considered how the new system interacts with new weapons?

Picture this - im lvl 60 - im a semi casual player so i have a middling HWM, lets say 540-550. Daggers are released as a new weapon! Great - ive been waiting for this I want to be a stabby guy.

However, my other weapons are around my HWM now or higher. If I want to use daggers, i have to gimp myself by using 500 gs ones then spending months and months looting/working with gypsum to get the dagger HWM to a reasonable level where using them is not a handicap.

So actually - who is going to do this? You won’t you will just use your existing weapons so you don’t go massively backwards in power.

To contrast - when VG came out, I was excited, I also have 200 arcana so I crafted myself a 550 one and started using/testing it right away. This allowed me to compare its effectiveness against my other weapons.

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I think you can just play like normal using any weapon and use your gypsum to level up that weapon type unless I have misunderstood how it will work.

Gypsum is a new resource that is found by doing a variety of activities. Gypsum can be crafted into Gypsum Orbs, which can then be turned into special caches called Gypsum Casts. Gypsum Casts are gear type specific and when opened guarantee an Expertise bump for that type of gear as well as an item of that type. So if you really want to increase your Bow Expertise, you can craft Gypsum Bow Cast.
[Dev Blog] End Game Update

Exactly. It’s basically Expertise catch up mechanic for new weapons.

But ppl will still complain they cant use BiS new weapon from day one after it’s released.

I don’t really think that any decision should ever be made based on what people complain about. But it would be interesting to hear some good arguments other than “I want it now” (this is not an attack on you just a generalization).

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One issue is that I have my Arcana at 200 so have worked to be able to craft a high GS weapon. Lets say for the sake of my example scenario im a 200 weaponsmith, it feels like the work I’ve put in there should allow me to craft and use a higher gs item.

To be honest, I think the system would make more sense if it had been in from the start or introduced with the next land / level cap expansion and have it only apply for gs 600+ items.

I 100% agree that this system should have been in from start. It’s a fiasko that they have to make these changes now. The game was really released 3 month to early and should have stayed in beta longer for them to make these changes and fixed the bugs before launch.

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