Devs intent for taxes

I’m just wondering if we can get a dev post as the what fixes they are looking at to even the game out.

Exploiting and botting are all here to stay, but what do you plan to do about these power house companies that own entire servers?

I’ll come back if you fix the way territories and taxes are handled. Just don’t make me pay some jackoff for the right to craft in the city they took, it’s silly.

Hell make a fix and start a server that doesn’t allow transfers so everyone gets in on the ground floor at the same time and levels together. Doesn’t have to be pvp only but the state the game is in makes me never want to come back and I check these forums every day looking for a reason to.

Anyone else have a thought as to how to make this game enjoyable again

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Currently my only suggestion is to play a different MMO. That’s what I did.

I do like the idea of a fresh server with no transfers. Make it self-found and PvP while we are at it.

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