DEVS keep on deleting topics? "NW PAY TO WAIT"

THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE - You can’t handle negative response cause of how you are handling everything so as soon as someone creates a topic saying something you don’t like you’re just going to remove it? What an absolute joke this is. This is not how you’re supposed to handle a disastrous situation, Can’t stop laughing how you actually are trying to sweep everything under the rug Community MANAGERS. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


give em 2-5 min and they will close this one too as many others. Good job

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At least they can something, I guess?

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yea i guess, Sweep everything under the rug.

I would actually delete it too because it doesnt help anyone


@Whiiz I’m not talking about this i just made a topic saying “NW pay to wait” and asked for answers and if it’s actually going to be like this, no update no communication. still they deleted it, i said nothing wrong.


i dont think they sweep everything under the rug…
there are enough “bad posts” on this forum…

but your topic is probably not a topic with a lot of discussion points…
just write your opinion in one of the existing hate posts

It’s not an opinion, i demand answers for a game i paid for ? I was looking for answers, and yes they sweep it under the rug when they delete topics where a costumer asks for answers and if its actually going to be like this w no updates no communication no nothing.

Bro, just wait till they done, no game got released finished without any bug/update on future so just chillout watch few movies or do something else. Everyone wanna play again even me but they need time to finish it to make it possible to play normally again. So just be calm and wait. They make a good job for a MMO like this Game is. U like the game anyway because its good.

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This is double standard with the topics kept like: you are doing a great job …
Doesn’t help either, still there and new come so they have to choose either one way or another.

they already answerd your question if you search…
they dont have any news right now… im as sad and angry as everyone else… but demanding answers wont help… they will update us as soon as possible just stay patient…

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Brother, I’m not even waiting to play i just want answers. The game is good and i like to play nw when i have time for it but i also want answers.

its a joke get in from a day at work to sit down and chill on NW and not been able to play at all sucks i understand they need to fix there fuck up but it getting more and more of this world is under maintenance sure i got the game on full release and not beta

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its more of a beta phase where we all paid for a full game …
havent read that im buyin a game in a test phase…
we all got our right to scream at em … its just an unfinished game and every patch brings in new bugs.
Its not gettin better, its not receiving quality of life , its just tryin to fix itself and gettin worse and worse …


They can’t close it. Nobody is working tonight.


well they just did, i made the topic and they deleted it cause it’s not there anymore so i’m pretty sure they did mate.

yeah there are plenty of posts noting that… everyone knows this. but i give you this point we all expected a finished game. They try to fix it… screaming at them wont do anything to get things fixed. Just tell them you dont like it, if enough players will say the same it will get changed. there is one thing many companys lack… they listen to feedback and at least try to fix stuff.

im a chef , if i serve u a meal with needles in it and i say im gonna fix it and then there will be needles and nails inside if i give it back to you …

thats what i am feelin

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I get what you mean and i’m with you on that one, thing is that in my previous topic i was just asking " Is it actually going to be like this? No updates No communication no nothing? Is this how it’s supposed to be? want answers etc. " Nothing more and i think that should be allowed, people should be able to talk about this especially their costumers and especially on a forum.

Don’t get me wrong, i love that they’re actually trying to do something about the things happening but still people paid for a game and don’t get any answers. After all, it was they who made this happen today. Not us

They are changing, thats not the issue. The issue is that with every single patch they deliver we get more bugs, lags are back, in 2 weeks cycle trading post closes. They fix one thing and break 3 others. There are plenty posts to take time but there are instantly people jumping in deny everything which is wrong or broken, 2 examples of such individuals can be found above. Many of us gave feedback for over a year but since the release it worse. Nobody would give feedback that frequently if we didnt care.