Devs listening to these people will ruin your game!

Stick to your original vision. ignore the complaints. remember the vast majority of players are not represented here. thank you .


If they did that, we would be playing an open world always on PvP full loot MMO, and I would not be here. I was in the first alpha and it was a dumpster fire of toxicity…


Feedback is always good, when constructive. If the devs followed you; the game would be 100% PvP and newbies would be getting ganked as soon as they logged in.

It’s not bad feedback just because you disagree.


There is a ton of bad feedback here from people who want to change systems for their own personal benefit.

Maybe so, but the devs can tell good feedback from bad, and even good ideas can grow from bad feedback, if applied properly.

The OP telling the devs to ignore all feedback because it’s not their vision is insanely bad. That’s not how you make an MMO.


Lol…funny. considering how this game was supposed to be an open world PVP and they listened to players and changed their “vision”. But ok. :sweat_smile:

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They didn’t need player feedback for that.
Their own ethical compass made them make the right choice not to have a game that enables and encourages toxic behavior.


If you say so…

“To bring everyone up to speed, back in October of 2018, we began a Closed Alpha that ended in June of 2019. Our goal was to collect player feedback and gameplay data on a variety of features. Throughout the Alpha, we captured direct and anecdotal feedback from chat, our official forums, post-gameplay surveys, and play testing. We collected a ton of invaluable information that informed our planning as we went dark and continued development.”


If they’re not here speaking, they dont care :slight_smile:
Btw what should they not listen too?

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