Devs: Minor UI change request (aiming with musket issues)


When using musket, there are a few things that make it difficult to aim/see what you’re aiming at. Can these please be fixed?

UI based:

  • The icon that pops up above the target has the section that displays the target’s level (or a skull) interferes with your aiming of a headshot. Specifically, the level/skull section literally overlaps with the head of the target making it impossible to see where you’re aiming. This happens when you are kneeling/prone or from a higher ground & long range to target.

Solution: Can the target’s level please be displayed to either side of its health bar as a small number? Or just use color of the health bar to indicate its level relative to yours… aka grey= 5+ levels lower than you, green= within ±5 levels of you, yellow = 6-10 levels above you, red = 11-15 levels above you and finally, neon purple = 16+ levels above you.

  • Ammo counter interferes with target sighting and aiming…especially when in groups and close range shooting. Swinging musket quickly has you sometimes using the ammo counter as aimpoint rather than the actual aimpoint.

Solution: Remove the ammo counter. The musket weapon icon on the bottom right would have the ammo counter on it.


  • When you equip a secondary weapon that is slung on the same direction on the character’s back as the musket (poking up from the right side shoulder) this makes that weapon’s upper tip block your view of the musket aimpoint when you are kneeling or prone.

Solution: Make all non-musket weapons equip on the back in the opposite direction.

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