I am a Die Hard New world Player… Been here since Beta… First off Love the game. However I think healing was a second thought to the game. I am a healer played healing in Many MMOS. So why in this game is healing second to everything?
How about adding a few things… Healing Trophy’s that give a % to healing per trophy? there are SO MANY Dps trophy’s.
How about Healing weapons and healing options… I mean DPS and Tanks have how many, Healers have 1… I don’t want to hear about the Void G its not for healing. Sacred ground should not only heal but cause damage or slow or something…
How about a Heart rune, that does AOE healing.

Side note, When you go and make things worthless you need to help the players out… Let me explain… Refreshing Move is worthless come the update… But half the named Items and BIS weapons have this perk, so you need to add something to the faction store to buy allowing a single perk change per item…I mean you made the changes and the game is full of this on half the stuff, so its only right or EVERYTHING YOU MADE is worthless.

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So I’m sure this is related to PvP and PvE balance. The damage trophies only operate for PvE. Where as healing effects both.

its called coding, and they can make the code (disabled when pvp is flagged)

Sure, but with all the code issues this game is constantly plagued from I doubt they’d want to introduce this to the game

LOL seriously???

Holy ground is already badly broken, and you also want to add damage and slowdown? xd

The healer should have been like that…

It’s just funny how much the forums show players on not on the same page. Hop over to genera and feed back and you will see countless posts saying healing is OP and broken. Then there is always posts saying the opposite.

I feel for the AGS devs it really is a impossible task

I have never seen Sacred ground, not holy ground broke, it works just fine. None of those abilities are in the game…

I didn’t say it wasn’t OP at all but its not i feel healing is just right. I said its an after thought and we have 1 whole weapon we have nothing else. where as DPS have everything. In any other MMO Healers have multiple things to choose from and can even be DPS, the healer in this game is lacking bad. Give us a DPS path something Focus needs more relevance. Why cant we have a Focus DPS path or even buffing…

This is very true, the healer’s build is poorly done.

Here the healer is too passive.

The problem is that the life staff heal is made to heal massive amounts of damage in WARS and DUNGEONS. With this there is no space for utility skills, nor damage skills.

This also causes a problem when you put the same healer to heal in smaller settings, where not so much healing is required: OPR and ARENAS respectively. Here the healing is too much and ends up forming only one-sided encounters.

I will agree with that 100%

This is one of the big problems that NW PVP has.

Also this creates another problem. The healer is so passive that for many players (most of them like being DPS) it’s not fun, so you will always have few healers in dungeon matchmaking.

The healer needs a Rework.

Yup, I am healer love it and have done it in ESO, Neverwinter, and ARPG’s. I play healer in new world for a few months, now I am DPS…

I had forgot about these abilities. I dont understand why the aoe burst dmg was taken out, or the bubble. They are so freaking good.

Didn’t they say the next weapon will pair with the life staff ?

Oh dear Snuffleupagus!

Please I am begging, no more trophies until they fix the horrid way trophies are implemented.