Devs not banning bots

Windsward was swarming with bots today. I saw packs of them like locusts. It’s a bad look when new players join the game. It’s a bad look now. I hope the team will address this, but they’re probably busy getting the xpac out right now.

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Sad if true.

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some “bots” are actually humies just camping nodes. WFH peeps to this alot.

Bots will not baned becouse the dont craft 600GS :smiley:

Saw a bunch of low level 19-30 somethings with names like adfadfd running to empty nodes, pausing, running to another empty node, pausing, etc. I doubt those are real players. Same types of patterns you can see in those videos.

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The team is working on a huge list of priorities currently, bots are ALWAYS somewhere on that list. Sometimes it does slip a bit further down as a focus only because the team can only accomplish so much and bot banning is a constant fight/full time job. It’s not that we do not care (we absolutely despise them) but when something is not currently game breaking, it does get shuffled around. We do appreciate this being brought to our attention as I can let the team know when it does start to escalate.


Atleast you describe the bot issue wel. Im no game DEV but is there no system against the programs bots are running? Are all work against bots manually labor?

Have the team looked at hardware tag ban and or IP ban? so we can be sure that a person who get banned for botting cant just buy another copy of the game and start all over again? That might go a long way in working on a final fix for this problem.

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To be honest, the deliberate bottlenecking of resources especially on high pop servers really doesn’t help this situation at all.

They could release some of the pressure by looking at how much resource contention they have backed in. It’s not really working, nice idea on paper but in practice the whole resource model breaks down once a server reaches a certain population level (1200+).

The fact you require T1-T5 resources to craft endgame kit, the fact there are not enough resources (ironwood and fibres starting to suffer the same ORI and SM did) then add bots on top of this, well you get the idea.

At the very least they should add many more Ironwood and high end fibre nodes.

In reality they should ditch resource contention, better for the casual player who will keep this game alive, better for the game as a whole. but I doubt they will. :), there silence on this matter speaks volumes.

without contention resource bots can bot all they like doesn’t stop player progress one bit.

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Oh and New Tri Na Nog server is now seeing this happen, resource camping and sweeping is starting in earnest. Players transferring from high pop not to play but to scavenge, all be it harder now some servers are locked so you can transfer back. It’s an idiotic state of affairs.

IF it’s their business model to make money from server transfers, well then just wow lol.

Maybe switch to a better Anti-Cheat System?

All valid points! I say just make all nodes instanced like chests. So damn annoying to have to compete with bots to get any harvesting done.

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There are so many bots on El Dorado that it’s just unacceptable.

I’m not personally aware of an unbroken Anti-Cheat system? Are you?

They are hiring if anyone is interested. Head of Anti-Cheat, Amazon Games LiveOps - Job ID: 2199371 |

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Appreciate the reply.

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But it is gamebreaking that bots taking resources from players trying to gather materials, but everything already taken.


Well one suggestion is to outsource some server moderators or admins to take action while the devs work to fix the current state of a game thats been out for a little over a year, releasing new content to the game should not be of the highest priority. Bugs and issues related to gameplay should be of upmost importance, working on patches to fix the current metas (light armor) that was overly compensated for its weakness at the start of the game. Diminishing the abilities of heavy users. Basically, balancing the game. Looking forward to the update but my argument stands. I for one would love to work as a part time moderator/bot hunter nothing would please me more than to rid the new world of this infestation that is hardly being addressed because “it does get shuffled around.” Because getting rid of the bots, that are 9 out of 10 times gold farmers, helps the game and its current players/fans of this game. Maybe even have it out like a contract, players apply, provide information that a job would require and anyone falsely banning X amount of players would be held accountable for breaking a signed agreement and subjected to legal actions against that person/employee. But, adding a limit to so many false bans. Because lets face it, we’re all human and make mistakes from time to time. You know its bad when minecraft server mods have a better anti cheat system.

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Thatd be dope if I had the skills or knowledge to do it.

Probably yes, but it is same story when extra 5-6 people doing same loop as you, so no its not game breaking. Also their behaviour does not have any unhealthy impact on economy, cuz they dont print any extra gold. If they ban them yes they do but they always coming ban, they can block X program by game’s shields but it will take day or two and he will continue botting. People who write bot programs in most cases are very good programmers, its their job and they take good money for it. It will never end in any MMO.

Moreover in New World bots are really tiny problem. Players will always cheat and try to get advantage over others, cuz a lot of people prefer to play this way and it gives them more fun than playing in normal way. Example this how it was in Lost Ark on SA and EA servers when they found out selling gold is a really good business Lost Ark Bot farm in China - YouTube .

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Depending on the loops/routes that are being taken, you’d maybe run into the loop that has resources spawned and can actually harvest but if you start doing a run for starmetal in BW there is always none because of the one guy on a set path. You never know where that bots at in its run or if the starmetal node is going to respawn soon, now you’re standing there like a fool waiting for it to spawn so you know when to start your run through and even then its a 50/50 chance. Run around like an idiot trying to catch up or stand there with your thumb in your ass waiting for it to respawn to start your run and hope for the best? I guess the best option would be to follow that bots path and find out where it loops so you can just run in reverse to gain some resources