Devs on vacation?

Are the devs still working?

Not really hearing anything about the state of the game and what’s being fixed?

Did they stop for 2021 already?

When is the next major update due? Will there be anything this side of the new year?


They talked about a “December update” some days ago. Luxendra said some hours ago that there is no new developer statement regarding the ongoing issues or upcoming content.

Right now there is just nothing. I think they’re running around like headless chicken and think about what to do (or not to do) next.

I would like to imagine that they’re working on current bug issues in a large-ish patch. I’d hope it would come before the “December update” if that’s in a few weeks.

They have to fix furnishing, nullifying oblivion, amulet (adorned) luck, incorrect shield quality from last patch, shields not adding stats when not unsheathed, ect. I just mentioned the ones that come to my mind (effect me the most) but there are a bunch of other stuff you can add. Stuff like balancing might come in the next content update instead of a hot-fix one.

Regardless it’s looking like a no man sky situation with more communication. But communicate as much as you want, I prefer to see results so that I can stop giving myself a concussion from banging my head against a wall.

They have basically only two weeks left for the December update. 6-12 and 13-19 are basically the only weeks it can come. Anything past the 19th would be a disaster already as holiday break starts soon and it will be two or three weeks were nothing can / will be done.

they need to address all the bugs and revert ninja nerfs with 1.1 ?

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Last week was Thanksgiving for the US.

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