(Devs) or anyone please confirm this

Been looking and farming for days for high quality tallow asking around as well nobody seems to have ever seen this does it actually exist in the game . Saw someone say level 54 or higher lynx tried that with pvp and more luck than needed just doesn’t seem it’s actually in the game .

Gonna bump this i have been farming this everywhere, now they say aptitude chest give them still dont see one

What aptitude chest ?

skinning aptitude chest the one after 200 skinning

Good luck getting there as it takes over 400K XP :neutral_face:

late but can confirm, t3 skinning apti chest

Are there other materials given from the highest tier aptitude chests that cannot be acquired anywhere else?

Not that I’ve seen so far.

Bumping this for people doing research about it.

This perk can be found by skinning aggressive beast of any type (Bear, Lynx, Wolf, Boar, Tiger, etc.) of any level. However the drop rate does not increase with mob level (bug ?) and this drop rate is EXTREMELY low. With full skinning luck ~88% luck and PvP flag you have only 0.07% chance of finding it while skinning a beast.

However it does drop from all 3 cache of aptitude reward, and that’s your best bet to get your hand on this mod. If you are lucky enough you may get it on the T5 aptitude cache (Package of Skinning materials) and then you have a chance to get 4 of it at once.

This perk can be sold for multiple thousands of gold on the market place, good luck.

PS : Confirmed that this item actually exists. I droped one myself and there 3 for sale on my server (3500g each)

Thank you - would you mind confirming which mob you got it off of? I have been farming boars in edengrove for several hours with no confirmed drops. I did get 2 from an aptitude chest though…

yikes. I’ve skinned thousands of animals since Launch, flagged since luck was added to it, even several hours farming the Topaz in Edengrove, and only got 2 High-quality Tallows until today.

Some of these perks are insane. And probably even an oversight of Devs. Blessed perk is also impossible. I’ve never even seen the sliver of iron thingy on the AH.

I have found 2 in Package of Specialized Skinning materials. No luck finding one by skinning yet.

Found only 2 yet, lvl 15 in skinning.

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