Windowed Mode invincibility is getting ridiculous!!

I don’t feel like I have to spend type time explaining how this works as there is no way, with all the videos and posts about it, you don’t already know. This actually makes the fact it’s still a thing, worse!

We had a large % of an aposing company use this last night on Crommyon during the war for Everfall. We have 7 videos from 7 different PoV’s displaying blatant use of the Ice Gauntlet & Hatchet invincibility expliot. The war was completely unwinnable. We had to talk our players out of switching to windowed mode to level the playing field…there are soooooo many posts and sooooo many videos on youtube exposing this exploit and ever showing people how to do it so HOW is this still a thing.

This is ruining the prep and hard work everyone puts in to a fair and fun war.

This company in question which transfered to Crommyon recently will literally take over the map and the only way to stop them would be to exploit ourselves. If this is how you want your game to be played then so be it. If not then prioritise this asap or even disable wars until you fix the issue!

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Almost entire company exploiting

Again a high number on players just standing still not taking dmg

We almost take the point, then the back line all just stop moving and stop dying

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