Devs please improve Musket's Trapper tree so it can stand on its own


The trapper tree of Musket needs serious help. Compared to all other weapons this one is the most underwhelming and least useful of the lot.

Please change it to something that can be used on its own and that can be used as a support weapon when musket is set as one’s secondary weapon.

A trapper is a hunter that uses tools to catch prey and, in the age of black powder, the musket was used to shoot game. Musket already has an entire tree dedicated to musket fire so there is no need to have a musket skill in the Trapper tree. All passives in the trapper tree should benefit trapping tools NOT musket.

I suggest the Trapper tree be changed to reflect this.

  • Remove Stopping Power and replace with a new thrown tool: Noxious Bolas. Character throws 2 spheres connected by a wire that upon contact releases a cloud of gas that covers 10m radius. DEAL NO DAMAGE but instead do a strong debuff. All targets in area receive:

    Base Effect: Target directly hit receives 40% slow for 4s
    Passive 1 Upgrade: % weaken for X seconds
    Passive 2 Upgrade: Silence for X seconds

  • Change Traps to be roughly twice as big / cover twice the area. Why? Its to fix an issue where large (aka, WIDE) creatures literally put their foot on the trap yet it does not trigger because the creature’s center of body does not go over the trap.

  • Change Sticky Bombs to:
    1- Base Effect: Have a 5m blast radius
    2- Passive 1 Upgrade: Change completely to: 'Inflicts X% bleed per second for X seconds.
    3- Passive 2 Upgrade: If Sticky Bomb hits target directly then upon detonation target receives X% burn per second for X seconds.

  • UI Change: Please change all trapper tools ‘throw’ UI to mirror Rain of Arrow’s POV system if player points camera below horizon.

    The line showing the grenade’s arc is fine as it is but the camera needs to detach and hover above player’s head so you can actually see the patch of ground its going to fall upon.

    If player moves camera ABOVE horizon, switch the POV to the current Sticky Bombs system for throwing. This allows one to throw all tools on places above you (2nd story windows for example) with accuracy.

Non-Skill Upgrade Passive changes: This is where the non-trapper tools bonuses get removed and focused on trapper tool bonuses.

  • Salt on the Wounds: Change to add the requirement ‘while affected by trapper tree tools’

  • Weakened Defense: Remove it and change to : “Throwing Arm” : ‘Increase range you can throw tools by 20%’

  • Empowering Weakness: Remove it and change to: “Tool of the Team” : ‘Target receives 5% additional incoming damage from all sources when affected by tools’ for 5s . This basically makes your tools group-friendly. Name is a pun. Forgive me.

  • Energy Burst: Remove it and change to: “Art of the Trade” : Duration of Tool effects increased by 1s

  • Tactical Reload: Remove it and change to: “Dodge & Tool 'em” ‘Dodging resets timers on Sticky Bombs and Noxious Bolas’

  • Kick them When They’re Down: Remove it and change to “Explosive Craft” : Sticky Bombs and Noxious Bolas gain 2m blast radius

  • Mastery Skill ‘Lethal Combo’ removed and changed to : “In Tools We Trust” : ‘Damage, radius and effects of all Trapper tools increased by 50%’

With this, Trapper becomes its own tree able to stand and function on its own and is a perfect supplement for musket when in groups or hunting solo…and also enables other weapons to use this tree as an excellent backup skillset.

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