DEVS please read: Solution to anti healer sentiment in this community: allow ONLY HEALERS to heal

It is evident that most of this community are playing DPS classes; and based on the thousands of posts here, it seems DPS classes feel entilted to be the alpha spec in this game.

The fact that DPSers here feel

  1. entitled to be able kill any other class easily

  2. entitled to be al to sustain thousand of points of damage per seconds without breaking a sweat
    and lastly--------

  3. to be able to


has led – You – the developers of this game-- down a path of misinformation and conjecture.

As developer of this game, do you feel that it is Ok for non healers to be able to heal themselves very well every 15 to 25 seconds?

Right now a non healer can use 3 items im aware of that heal for massive amount of health

  1. health potions: ~3800ish heal
  2. regen potions: ~ 400 to 500 HoT (heal over time for those new to MMOS)
  3. eat food: ~220 HoT

This allows the non healer to either face tank, or better yet ala Eldar Scrolls Online

kite around using terrain while healing to full.

How about we remove these items from the game, or put 5 minute timers on them?

Then we make sure that Lifestaff skills are 100% based on focus and not weapon damage.

This would ensure that 50 focus lifestaff users are NOT getting HoT ticks for 250, and DD heals for 2000.

In thi s manner we solve the issue of DPSers feeling that they are not only entitles to kill anyone, but also entiled to heal themselves to a good degree.

thank you for your time

I look forward to these changes.



i love the left click spamming melee classes that say “bro they just sit in circles and use abilities”
-this literally can be said about any weapon in the game most weapons are super simple to their core

mages as well are just as annoying on the subject, mages do insanely high damage with both fire and life staff but complain they can’t kill a healer in a ice storm CD where they are proccing -40% hp per hit with heavies

copium filled DPS players “healer doesn’t take skill but my left click spam class and my class with easy to land insanely high damage spells is very high skill cap”


I play hybrid dps/healer. I distributed my points equally in both attributes so I can play solo.
Why would they remove this?
Telling people how to play is not the way to make the game fun. It’s just generic and feels boring.
I think there was a reason we don’t have classes in the game, to allow more freedom of choice on how we play the game.
I disagree with this solution and this would make the game worse for me.


except musket



read all the anti healer sentiment on these forums. Most people want healers not be a spec in this game.

No. I don’t want to have to second a life staff just to PvE.

And your statements re DPS being entitled are way off base and unnecessarily combative.

Also, your referring to “healers” implies a healer class. There are no classes/roles in the game other than what we impose on the game. So there are no “healers” per se.

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Healing is far too strong, I main being a healer in many games. Including here. there is too much healing in the game full stop. But the Life staff is far too strong not sure hwo to make it more balanced so im not going to pretend i do.

The fact i can 1v1 anyone in the game with a lifestaff and have full health the whole time is just stupid. Anyone who is skilled in any kind of game Knows how broken the Lifestaff is. Healing and the HP stat in game are also broken.

^^^^^^ All of the above needs hitting just not sure how to ion a fair way ^^^^^^^^^^^^

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combative? have you read the other posts?

im stating fact.

DPSers here feel that if they cant kill a healer-- then the healer is OP. Which isnt true.

As healer- and yes it is a healer because we are lifestaffing it-- tomato or tamato same thing.
As a healer-- I cant kill anyone in pvp.

My damage is way too low. I should though, be able to sustain myself such that a dpser will get bored and eventually give up or call for help.

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We’re not reading the same forum, obviously.

agree, make potins like wow, you can use only one in battle, so we want to see, btw im feeling the way we get, they will remove LF of the game soon

Bro…You can’t 1v1 with a lifestaff. If you are full focus you literally can never kill a DPS player who spams healing potions on a 20 second CD. We literally hit like noodles which is fine, that makes sense

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You hit harder than musket, so you are DPS and also unkillable. Sounds unbalanced to me!

harder then a musket? are you using a nerf wepon?

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Muskets in this game really feel like Nerf guns so yeah … average hit on the musket is below charged hit on the life staff (at equivalent stat level/weapon damage if I remember correctly the tests I’ve done), so yeah they are basicaly Nerf guns …


Yes, muskets are extremely under tuned and Amazon has been completely silent about it since release. I’ve quit playing the game because of it.

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i never use any other weapon unless LF, (im lvl 60 had more than 300hours of game) so i didnt know how stronger other wepons are, but about the hit rate? life staffs normal atack have about 1.0 ~ 1.1 secs between atacks and muskets?

Musket is just bad. That doesn’t mean life staff DMG is op. There are definite undertuned weapons in New World no doubt

Agree with everything you said! Healing in general is too much, stacking healing pots and regen pots at the same time, with low cool downs, is a bridge too far. No healer should be able to not take any damage while alone, with 4 DPSers blasting and CCing them for 40 seconds. It’s ridiculous overpowered. It’s just silly.

Maybe you cannot. Doesnt mean everyone eles cannot.

? Musket is hitting very hard
problem with musket is the rate of fire