DEVS please read: Solution to anti healer sentiment in this community: allow ONLY HEALERS to heal

Spec full focus with a life staff and try to kill a DPS who chugs infused health potions and regen pots/food on cooldown. 0% chance you kill them


rebalance all weapons, GA/Hammer should not be able to dash like crazy and run as fast as a light armor, they have too much cc already, they even sway their big weapons like its a sword lol, healers are fine now but they need to lessen healing receive based on armor weight this will avoid the non dying tank healer which is the reason why everyone asking to nerf healing, mages should have more mana usage, nobody uses mana potion lol, musket/bow atleast add stagger when they headshot, its so hard to aim on and we have to craft our own bullets, but we deal damage like its a damn nerf gun, add debuff on where we hit the bullet maybe, rapier is a joke, riposte stuns 1 sec, just enough to roll back, what about offensive

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