(Devs Read) What do you think will bring players back to new world

in many years of mmo history, the only thing that successfuly brings massive amount of players back to the game is adding either:

  • new open world maps
  • new dungeons
  • new game systems like pvp battlegrounds

fixing stuff or making stuff work better than it used to might make current player base happy. people who already left are already committed into their new game of choice. they will most likely just say comment of approval like " cool that they fixed it, but its too late for me "

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They need to:

Decide what this game is.
Make the game fit what they want the game to be.

With all these knee-jerk reactions I think we can tell AGS try to evolve what the game is dependent on the current mood. No wonder so many quit originally, the game was not for them they just wanted it to be (I am one of them but still spend some time mucking about in the game because some works for me, but not long term).

So, what is New World, AGS? Already many left because it wasn’t what they personally wanted but I still see no clear effort to stick to a style (basically it is PvP “hardcore” with bolt-ons for the rest because a mmorpg game can’t live on PvP alone it seems and pull in a high population that AGS probably want).

I know in the long run it won’t be for me personally, I prefer the solo and PvE side of these games (since grouping so far in this game has been horrendous personally, no way am I ever setting foot in these dungeons again), but I think they would do well to decide on a type of game and keep at it or else it will water down any experience they provide.

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There needs to be more ways for casual players to engage with content without needing to manage the balance of azoth, storage, repair cost etc. I love the game but until you get those things sorted, you spend all your time trying to sort out items, running from place to place and worrying about making gold.

Maybe something like x amount of free travel, free dungeon entry, free repairs per 24 hours?

Also, for the PvPers, something like OPR that requires less people (sounds like an Arena idea has already been suggested) and also some kind of “Training Ground” that requires no level or gear and gives minimal or no material rewards (but maybe something like a title), just for people that want to PvP each other low stakes. You could pick weapons and gear to use for that instance, giving casual players a way to experience more of the game.

I think there needs to be more things to do during solo play. People want to log in, smash some things, loot some things, and log off. But the level 60 areas are just too taxing (depending on your weapon, gear, buffs, etc.). OPR is not an option for low pop servers. Logging in just to gather resources doesn’t seem to be enough to keep them coming back.


Shut Down .
Fix the bugs.
Balance PvP, Combat overhaul.
Find a way to detect bots.
Economy overhaul. Owning certain regions create too much money.
Fix OPR and add more pvp content.
Add some kind of boost to weaker factions to balance map inbalances.
Apologize for releasing so soon and fire the people responsible.
Wipe and relaunch.

This is the only way to increase player numbers. Anything else will only keep current players not add new ones. And if anyone objects the wipe that means they didnt enjoy the game and is only here because of his progression and would leave soon anyway.

How about proper customer service and ticket resolution? Actually banning cheaters and exploiters? Still no action on players who used invincibility cheats from Update 1.0.2. plus the literally weekly exploits that have appeared since.

Actual proper investigation of tickets?

No point playing at all if everything can be taken away from you because you get mass-reported for no reason and permabanned without even knowing why.

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A new Battleground thats 50 vs 50 with RvR elements of play style faction vs faction, no guild stuff. And has a queue to join and is across server so its always populated.
Battles last 4 hours, all progress a character gains is kept if they log out.

this is one problem I have with their endgame plan, trying to do high level zones as a fresh 60 is murder, and they set up a system which makes that stage even harder/longer to get out of.

when you are like 550 with some trophies you can solo non elites pretty decently, but at 500 its generally just getting murdered.

that said, I prefer my solo content to have some opt in challenge.

another factor is that while I don’t mind grouping, I hate waiting, or organizing. them making more high end areas group only isn’t really a bonus to me.


new dungeons, dungeon hard mode, removal of orbs, arena overhaul (waves of enemies), raid system, pvp map, new weapons and new zone. So a new world 2.0 update is required. When these come, the game turns into a full mmo. Then the game reverts to its original state. but they are very slow in bringing content…

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At least two more end-game expeditions, change tuning orbs to daily CDs, another OPR map, daily quest hubs, PvP only outdoor dungeon areas with lootable items similar to OPR that drop on death

Only 15% of the population made it to level 60.

Those people that never made it to 60 aren’t coming back. They left because they didn’t like the grind, lack of story, lack of content.
They wanted to jump into a game and have fun, not spend 200 hours making it to level 60, where an entirely new grind begins.

Even as I leveled up, I kept questioning why I have to do such a lengthy PVE grind to get to the PVP part of the game.

That all said, they would need to add some more PVP games, that you could enter at any level, with cross server ques to bring people back IMO.

Burning down Lumberyard and all it’s inbred offshoots then import assets to any modern Unreal engine version.

Give New World art team 20 to 40% pay rise. Hire competent development leadership and team. Then maybe, just maybe within 12 to 24 months we would have a playable product.


They need to increase the exp from mobs and quests at least 2 times. It is only natural that new players do not want to suffer the suffering that we suffer. And new passive abilities that we will unlock at these levels by leveling up, like the champion system in eso after 60. And of course, new items, armors, even armors and weapons with set bonuses are required.

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New dungeons
Removal or major change to Orbs
Removal of Luck
Removal of Watermark
PvP Arenas/rankings (or something that PvP people will want)
UI update to allow ‘raid/large groups’
Fluid combat system


combat balance then arena pvp

First they need a healthy game.

There are so many bugs/exploits/issues that they have had since launch and have not fixed. For example, half of the tooltips weren’t correct and the other half had typos. Many perks still don’t work properly. It was very much an unfinished game.

The main issues and there are so many.

  1. Too many persistent ground target effects. Visually stutters the game and destroys server processing, but they keep adding more. This is a game design choice. If they had a better game engine then maybe, but they don’t, so they need to make choices that work for what they have.

  2. Game functions that are too easily interrupted or stuttered. This is the source of all the duping, exploits, permanent buffs, debuffs, weapon swapping malfunctions. Game functions that should have a A → B → C → D set of events often get broken somewhere in the chain so that the end steps aren’t performed. This creates game-breaking problems.

  3. Content that is fun, rewarding and challenging. So far the end game content that they are choosing to go with is controlled, time-gated, “we control exactly how much you will progress each day”. Part of the problem is a game design choice to originally time-limit progression through the use of chests. This only lead to chest run zerging. Also more diversity in the content would be helpful. But the designers need to stop deciding “what’s best for the players” when all they are really doing is plugging holes in a sinking ship.

  4. Their updates ALWAYS break more things than they fix and until they stop doing that, they’ll keep getting declining player base. So they need to fix this and do actual, meaningful QA/QC. No one wants to invest in a product when you can’t trust the game studio to improve rather than worsen their product.

(PS if it’s so bad, why are people still here? well many people have invested their time and energy into it. It’s like a bad relationship, we hope it’s salvageable but it might just be a lost cause in the end)


There are tons of things crafters can make. I’m much more concerned about the fact that I’m perpetually broke, as were most people I knew when I was playing.

Someone else mentioned not having a problem with needing repair parts. I agree with that. It’s the gold payment that was too extreme.

Also, the question was, what would it take for people to come back. That’s the question people are answering. There are plenty of other threads to debate the economy. You’re not going to convince people like me that I need to pay these exorbitant gold sinks. If they stay in, I’ll never play again. It’s that simple.

I would come back if they totally fixed all the dupes and exploits ALL of them, and removed EVERY SINGLE player who benefited from those dupes/exploits. Bugs I can tolerate, cheating and not paying the consequences, I can’t.

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More content

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Are you actually aware that if you don’t die you earn more coin from kills that the repairs cost? So this is not really a gold sink as much as it is a reward for players that succeed and don’t die and a reward for leveling a crafting profession. Also as the economy grows with inflation you can easily cover the repair costs by just picking some essences etc on the way to wherever you are going. It’s getting easier and easier to make gold so the repair costs and other gold sinks and taxes are become less of an issue as time goes by.

I know I just saw these comments and thought to my self that damn, that would make people quit, so I just had to comment on it. You are welcome to discuss these things but I thought it was important to say that.

I do how ever think that it’s weird to discuss changing thing that would bring players back that have always been part of the game. I could understand if you discussed changes that have been made after the beta and launch.