Dev's road map NW

Dev’s are giving a great road map for NW and it’s sound so good.Hope they will implement those weapons soon and resolve all the bugs in order to get a bug free game.
Guys did you check this?What do you think about it?


personally, I could do without seeing the devs want IG to have more CC… Heavy attacks root, they have iceshowers root that lasts for another 3 seconds after the spells effects are gone, they have snares as well as a stagger or 2. Not sure about it… They aside from voide and hatchet- have the most important CC, which is root hands down… aside from that, I’m at least glad to see things be addressed. I’d much rather the devs not add anything else without fixing what they have… performance stability issues are incredibly bad at times, and most noticeable in OPR/PvP.

Unfortunately i cannot say something about OPR because i didn’t had the chance in 1 month( when i did 60) to try it because my sv has maximum 100 peak players but what they said about fire staff and next weapons sounds good.

It didn’t sound like anyone on the Dev team logs serious hours playing the game. They don’t experience wars, pvp, the clunkiness of large scale combat and the godawful lag in person.

Also I kind of laughed when the lead developer said that “players can change the world”. Literally nothing in the world changes. Corruption portals respawn. Every resource respawns in exactly the same spot. Every mob respawns in the same spot. Crafting stations level in exactly the same spot. The only thing that changes is the color of the map, but it’s the same map and everything is exactly in the same spot every single time on every server. That’s not changing the world.

And lastly, they seem to prefer to run metrics to determine what people are doing. Except there is no query they can run that will show the player experience.


This explains alot of why things are as bad as they are.

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They have a vision and a plan, they admitted they made mistakes and vowed to learn from them.

Clearly they have dropped the ball many times but I feel like they said all the right things.

That said, talk is cheap. They have a lot of work to do if they want to gain the trust of the players. Let’s see if their actions back up their words.


Also they kept repeating “fixing things is hard”.

Honestly, a lot of things shouldn’t be that hard to fix, unless their game engine/design is too complicated for them to correct. Based on the amount of hand edits that they do, there does seem to be an issue of magnitude. It’s a pretty big game and there are a ton of things that they seem to miss.

I’m thinking that a lot of the original code may have been developed by people that are no longer actively working on New World. The people that are working on it now are putting band-aids over things without fundamentally knowing how small changes will affect others.

Also they are a little too copy/paste/ select all/update happy. This leads to mistakes and when done in large scale, big mistakes with big consequences.

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I would be willing to bet this is a HUGE part of the problem.

And this as well.

I actually didn’t hear much out of that video. They explained in detail what they are doing, but that told me nothing about the plan for expertise from a lore perspective, how they envision future pvp, or what they want the game to become, are they going to plan to refocus the questing to be more lively or will it all be about expertise grinding from 600 to 700?

Taking a break until I see something more from them.

I think you nailed it. They are using metrics blindly without understanding the metrics.

Like looking at how fast people progressed and then adding a roadblock to slow that down by 75%… when the original progression was primarily due to exploits…. That’s just an example of why metrics are bad if used wrong. I actually wonder if the above is exactly what happened though

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Let’s hope the dev’s road map uses Google Maps, and not an amazon developed equivalent.

Otherwise the first part of the road map will involved a lot of patching and updating the road map itself.

Nothing about any significant new open-world PvP content. There remains little value or gameplay reasons to flag for PvP. Are we to only queue for instanced OPR or grind for instanced WAR?

i’ve never laught that much, expecially when there was the part of bugs exploit and the one of winter event i mean on last one the guy had tiers on eyes and was like oh oh we’ve so much stuff there . . thats so sad , what about the girl of exploit part, we didnt notice how people are farming that much , OH HELLO we do same things every day to find a single item , but ok, guess no one of devs did even played 3 days in raw the game … im feel so bad

That is one bad roadmap.

Metrics keep reminding me of that economic chart they trotted out that showed coin in vs coin out while completely ignoring the deflation going on and the wealth being concentrated at the top…

If communication from AGS is this poor with their customers (the ones who keep them employed), just imagine how bad the internal communication is day-to-day.

Thats exactly what the dev meant, you can change the map, when you chop the tree its not there. Which is true for a short while.

A problem often seen in longlasting development projects. Of course unable to say whether it’s true here or not. But it’s always weird to see how poorly documented sections of code can be in AAA projects, based on leaked source codes from games and engines.

An MMO example of this is Runescape. Where some of the original code ‘just works’ but devs later on have stated they still have no idea on how and what exactly :stuck_out_tongue:. But due to it, adjustments to some parts of the game engine are very challenging. This was a few years ago by now. So may not be fully up to date anymore.

If chopping down a tree (that will reset) changes the map and that’s what the devs meant…

then anytime you kill a mob is the same thing and is just as inconsequential since it spawns again later in the exact same place (and this mechanic has been in virtually every mmo since mmo’s began).

In my mind, a bit silly for a mmo developer to feel amazed over this kind of “world impact”.

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I dont know what else they would talk about… little bit more persistent are changes in cities and forts with upgrades that are visual and lasts for longer time, but that’s about it really.