Devs: This is a burning question about gathering luck gear

This is not a post for debate. Rather for players to come together and get a question answered and its about…

Gathering luck

The link above provides a pretty detailed explanation of luck points in the game (thank you Devs for that), but makes no mention of it’s counter-part. Luck Gear. Luck gear provides X-% Chance of rare drops. For this, I just would really love an official response. Does gathering luck gear refer to a pre-roll that happens before your luck point-roll happens?

Let me explain. We now know because of the previous link i posted that loot tables for rare items depend on values higher than 100,000 rolls which is obtained through luck food and trophies. What role does the gear play in this process? Wording is important and I have come to the conclusion there are only 2 possible scenarios.

  1. The function is worded in a bad way that makes it confusing for the user to understand the luck system and it actually just translates into an unknown amount of “luck points”


  1. This is a completely separate roll that happens to decide whether you even get a rare drop at all.

Wording is very important for things like this and because of the way it is worded, I am to believe the latter here being the correct function but I do not want to speculate. We are half-informed about luck with the luck point rolls which I am truly grateful for, but I would really love to unravel the rest of this mystery.

In order for us to get a clear answer about this, we will need to build some traction on this subject so please, instead of throwing theory out, could everyone please comment just asking the mods/devs for an answer? We could debate the subject all day but it would just be best to get a definitive answer. I have searched for other posts from devs about luck gear but nothing I could find answers the following questions:

What does luck gear do exactly?
Does it just assist with getting a rare drop in general and THEN the luck point rolls happens?
Or does the % from luck gear just represent an unknown amount of luck points?

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