DEVS, why you had to reverse the musket buff?

Hey there,

Why you had to revert the musket buff you guys did? I don’t understand your logic.
Can you explain me why I hit 800-1100dmg with a 600GS musket, 150 int and 300 dex? Meanwhile a fire staff user can hit me for up to 2k with basic attack(no crit), or 2h axe guy witt 250 str 150con… and so on and so on?

You force me to play a specific style I do not want to. This game was about a free chose. Its sad to see the game going intro self destruct.

After the patch were you guys buffed the musket, I was finally happy that I CAN DO DMG, having more kills in outpost bc of it and so on and so on. then the rollback happened. F

I guess my time runs out here on Aeterum, I just cant handle BS anymore with 0 logic behind it.

Well, they didn’t weaken the musket, but made its damage match the patch description. That is, they increased it by a ridiculous 2.5%. And immediately after the patch, its damage was increased by 25%. Apparently, here, too, someone got confused with commas

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And it had to be canceled due to the fact that a blind increase in the damage of a musket leads to the fact that you are killed from afar, when you cannot even notice where they are shooting from. For heavy armor, this is not so critical. But for light and medium armor, this practically prohibits appearing in open spaces.

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musket was actually playable, now hit less then a fire staff light attack

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But how do you expect a weapon with slow reload, depending on being skilled with, using all kind of dmg buffs and so one hitting max 1.1k to medium armour fire mages, and they hit me 1,5k+, even life staff players are hitting me for so much sometimes?!

Lets don’t speak about fighting a heavy armor, I hit them sometimes for under 1k.

This is actually BS. 99% of the players are depend on elemental gems. You can pretty much guess from where they shoot. Its AGS fault that players can climb on ridiculous spots. The musket is long gun, thats his role intro the gameplay. shoot from afar.

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In fact, the solution lies on the surface. The musket needs to add armor penetration. Even his damage is called “thrust”. But only at close range, say less than 30 meters. By the way, with a spear, it would also not hurt to add armor penetration in order to effectively deal with axes

Well, let’s go ahead and make a one-shot musket.

also imagine being approached by light armor GA hatchet player with movement speed buff + rolls, berserk that actually outheal your musket shot with one tick and then hits you for 2k+. best feeling out there. musket is the worst weapon in the game. oh ye and healer with void gauntlet is doing more dps then musket

Lmao, a fire staff hitting for 2k. In your dreams!


The only way you can do a good DMG with the musket is by head-shooting ( and this is hard af). Most of the musket players I encounter are really bad. They climb stupid spots and camp the hell out of everybody(this need to be nerfed)
I am an FPS veteran, I win 98% of my musket 1v1s. Trust me.

But hitting 1k-1.2k DMG its just make the musket useless.


Why it does hit me even I have rubby gems?!

fire staff is hitting for 1.5k and critting for 1.8k, musket hit below that. a nerfed weapon is better then musket, nobody said that fire staff is hitting for 2k. also all the dmg from musket is limited by reload speed, u cant deal burst combos like fire staff.

So you are asking for Same Range and Damage that FS Users have?

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Im fine with your dmg and your range tbh lol

This has nothing to do with what you actually SAY. LOL.

Every weapon out DPS musket in any way possible. The update gave the musket players finally common ground with the rest.

but yea give me your range and dmg.

The “Buff” was a Bug by 90 %. So you are crying about AGS fixing Bugs now?

Do you just want to kill everyone while you are safe? Just standing 100 meters from the target?

I also play with the musket and understand a little about the mechanics of its use. But I also love honest PvP. What you are suggesting is not fair.