Devs, you wanna see how bad the bots really are?

join the stream, I’m watching roughly 10+ bots farming level 2 mobs, each over level 30.


le bump, hitting up the last starter area now.

stream ended, I’ll update the URL to start when we first encountered the bots.

Part 2, will be a two hour stream of bots again, while I do video edit and chat.

also neat new bug when crafting asmodeum, get locked in place.

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all 10 are back, justt chillin with the bots at first light.

Last 20 minutes of the bot watch, new episode will be done tomorrow.

Stream ended, will resume again tomorrow with another 2 hour stream. If you want to see how frustrated an hear some real talk, skip to the end of the stream.

Something needs to be done…I can only waste so much time reporting bots before I just give up. Eventually it becomes if you can’t beat them, join them and then the whole game turns to trash.

Exactly my point, the perception of a new player is going to see this as okay behavior as it is so blatant. So I’m going to stream 2 hours a day until Zenith: The Last City comes out, or til they do their job and get some ingame moderators. The example I constantly use for AGS priorities, is they see the house is burning down, but they focus on the kitchen remodel. It’s pretty bad man.

Why do you have execute on GA ?

Because, I murder people with it lol

Edit to not derail topic with getting the response

Yes, because AGS no brain melee skills, it’s hard to get off, it’s the same with a lot of melee abilities tbh, as melee abilities should carry momentum or have some form of decent reach/aoe to provide potential variety of abilities and skills, you can still cheese the move off and have fun. Do I recommend it for casuals? Hell no. Do I consider it viable? Yes, it’s very situational and is pretty good for group fights and 1v1s. It gets destroyed in small skrims unless you have a VG to root the target, and since execute always crits under 30% you technically don’t need to backstab for it to pop off.

Again, but no means am I going to say the average player will enjoy an execute build, it happens to suit my combo grind playstyle. I will not follow up on this topic in regards to skills, balancing, combat flow etc etc. I just want AGS to focus on bots and desync atm, then I’ll slowly begin pushing other agendas if I haven’t quit before they realize they are letting their game die. Either way the game will either succeed and be enjoyable or I’ll get my money back from Market and cost of the game. I have a lot of experience in MMORPGs and I’ve made a lot of businesses profitable. Its always addressing the issues that will kill your business first, rather than decorating your lobby. Trust me, the customers won’t even see the flowers because they won’t walk into the building that’s on fire.

Going onto day 3.