Diana’s Grove (The server is gone?)

The server is gone?


Where is server [Diana’s Grove] in Vanaheim Zeta???


Logged on after merge:

  • No Diana’s Grove
  • My character is gone

It is like I just bought this game not and put over 300+ hours into it.


Wazup Alya! Yeah its same for everyone but i think its not all done yet, pressing EU Central will show you 1 Character, Give it some time. But hopefully if this is a mistake they will fix it directly. But my thoughts is its not done yet

But would be great with a Announcement for Devs :slight_smile:


Hey xSensei. I hope so too… but it isn’t even listed on New World status page. Let’s see I guess.

Yeah ik, im not sure the merge is completed yet there might still be things thats not done yet. They might announce that they need 1 more H or so but i just hope for some updates from the Devs :slight_smile:

I’m hanging onto your optimism xSensei! :sunny:

My guess is that either this time or maybe others in the past the database scripts to migrate all our chars were quite heavy. AGS just removed the server from the public domain so it can win the ping war without us hammering on it trying to login/view status/“check by trying it”.

If AGS has made a mistake they’ll use their multi-location backups to roll back/point at the right server/DB and correct.

Still saying some incantations for my character though lol.

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Any updates?

[Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - #12 by Luxendra Where is [Diana’s Grove] @Luxendra

we are sent to vacation it seems xD

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oh no…we VAC banned KEKW

Not all it seems:

@Luxendra - we dont have our server now, and in list of servers we have 0 characters

I too, would like to be able to play on Diana’s Grove. Or at the very least, to see it. Doesn’t show under any realm status pages either

We understand there is some issue but the very least we should get an acknowledgement
@Luxendra , please update as soon as possible

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Yep, same not seeing it anywhere. This doesnt bode well lol.

Edit - Its shown up now, try looking again guys.

Should be good! Sorry about that, all!

Thank all, @Luxendra thank you for answer =)

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