Did they post maintenance anywhere?

Is there any indication from the devs regarding present maintenance?

There’s an AWS outage causing all US EAST worlds to be down. The post is here, but they haven’t put an update down for over six hours [Notice] Server Issues

AWS US-EAST1 has been down since 7am ish from what i found. They have been slowly getting it back to a more stable environment…

I tried to sign in and it said ’ World Under Maintenance,’ an improvement.

It’s wreaking havoc in a lot of places, even my work was heavily affected by the outage.


I think the OP was asking if there is a time frame for the maintenance. Since the fact it actually says that now when we log in. It didn’t say that before.

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A big part of the internet is down or not working correctly.

We are having issues at work too because of this outage.

This isnt really maintenance or specific to New World.

Ya. What he said.

If you log in presently it actually says the world is under maintenance.

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