Did you just shut down EU server again?

Hello there
its possible that you did it again, just after one update/fix this morning?
Do you guys wanna keep or lose your players?


If you checked the dev tracker before posting you would have found out that they did put them back in maintenance due to overcompensation.

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It does seem someone tripped over the power cable.

This is beyond a joke now… New World more like Maintenace World


I dont have time to read forums, just come back from work and i saw that EU servers is down, also this morning 1 more time. Its wrong to ask whats going on? Pathetic…

Your argument is really weird. You say you have no time to read the forums, yet you make a post although it is faster to just look for the post in the dev tracker and your question would have been answered? :smiley:


its ok. but 2 x in 1 day? as always 0 Information on server, for people who are logged in.
Some Dev posted it 8 min before EU went down. That’s pathetic… they cant even repair 1 thing w/o 20 bugs or exploits. They dont care about the community, and overall, they dont give a F about us.

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Show me this DEV tracker u speak of?

It’s my first post,i have never made one and main reason is explained in subject. Whatever…

no one is ever have to look for something in the forums. He just wanted to open a topic and ask his question and he did?

wtf is wrong with these people like WTF??


Fix one thing, break another.

This game is basically one hotfix after another.

This is slowly making it to the top of worst MMO starts in history. No sugarcoating anymore ^^


it started last week when i lost my harvesting gear. several server crashes, we come to yesterday afternoon; maintenance. playing a few hours, invasion ; halfway server crashed. logging in this morning, impossible; maintenance. then i could play a few hours and now i got booted again; maintenance @.@

im getting mighty annoyed with this whack-a-mole you guys call bugfixing ! for what reason do you have test servers, or are we the test server ??

[insert bad words and annoyed tirade] &%#@&$&^@#*^

Nembus server EU Central

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You just go to the homepage of the forum. Directly between the header and the first section “Welcome” at the top there are 3 catergories to choose from. “Latest”, “Top” and “Dev Tracker”. Just click on Dev Tracker. There you always have the latest information from Devs and community managers


i would say that its better to not release patch twice a week to avoid need of third patch within same week.

just stop. let us play at whatever patch that is currently live.

they dont care anymore man, you’ve paid for their product, they delivered it.
sad but true in this case.

I mean he said :

So he is basically coming here is complain the servers are down without even trying to find some informations on why the servers are actually down again. So I can understand that some people get upset about his message.

The servers are shut down because there is a major gamebreaking bug that made so that millions of golds has been added into the economy by mistakes. They will most likely rollback the servers.

I’m sorry but it is unlikely that you’ll be able to play NW today.

Yes, if the answer can be found by literally checking official news section

We are the paying Alphatesters… they just cannot say that, cuz that would be illigal to sell a broken product.

If you’re that bothered just take your custom elswhere, or don’t, that’s the only power any of us have. This forum is a meme that they use for making those inspirational posters for their office and mugs.

Read the room, pal.