Did you just shut down EU server again?

this is unacceptable, again.

Yes, and they made a post about it. If you go in “Official Announces” instead of “General feedback”… you could have found your answer.

Have a good day.

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It takes less time to check the dev tracker than to cry on the forums.

Don’t worry. after a week of endless shutdowns im sure they will compensate us.
congratulations :partying_face:

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On main page, click the drop down menu underneath new world logo on top left, select dev tracker there.

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My entire point right there!

This is an entirely different discussion. I’m simply saying that the dev tracker would have answered OP question before needing to ask it.

Wow incompetent devs can’t even make good updates, tell me what’s new

True, but don’t you think that they should Inform players in game? They posted it, and servers went down in 5 min. im not sitting on the Forum when doing pvp…

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