Didnt get mutation orb after completing laz for the first time


My character Ghumbo on Ohonoo (US East) got a popup that it got lazarus instrumentality codex and a mutated tuning orb for completing lazarus for the first time but it never showed up in my inventory.

What should I do?

Hello @christopherl-g,

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I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get the mutation orb.

First could you please check all your storages to double check there’s nothing in any of them. If there’s nothing we’ll need to escalate this to our developers, for this reach us.

Be ready with the following information.

  • In-game name
  • Server name
  • 3 most recent logs on Local/AGS/New World/ LogBackups
  • Screenshots
  • Link to this post

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I did this a few times, no answer yet. It’s about 3 weeks ago and longer about certain problems.
I don’t think they read them to any time.

And when i ask in the forum, it says, make a feedback ingame. So thanks -.-

Hello @Kahrijana,

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I’m sorry to hear you didn’t receive any reply about your tickets, you can also try chatting with an associate to check the status of your tickets, with the same link you can start a chat. Also, you can post feedback under Game Feedback - New World Forums and as you mentioned in-game.

Cheers, see you in Aeternum! :crossed_swords:

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